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This Poem shows the relationship between sisters and how life is now.
As a young girl she sat and listened
and as she watched she learned
she learned right from wrong
good from bad
she followed the examples
laid down before her
she always acted polite
she said she was sorry
when she did bad
she forgave
when she was hurt
never did she shed a tear
she found the good in the bad
the rose among the thorns
she missed her daddy
but didn't say a word
cause deep down she knew
it wouldn’t make a difference
she looked up to her sisters
all three
she learned from them
she learned she would never be accepted
she learned how to cry
she learned how to lie
she learned what she had to be
and so she changed
a few years had passed
still learning from her sisters
she had to be skinnier
she had to be perfect
she learned what it took to be accepted
she learned to cover her feelings
she learned about drugs
she learned about alcohol
and how good they were
and she changed again
all this while wondering
where black and white had gone
questioning what she had known
and as she sat there drinking with her sister
she wondered…
what happened to the rose cause all she see’s are thorns?
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