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true story

Rise from pyres
Rise from mires
Overtake liars
All lined up in rows with teeth a gleam
How soft do I seem
Let’s cuddle
To befuddle the minds or split entrails
Will you crawl when society fails
Never-ending list of betrayals
Anarchist flails
Against padded walls of hate-scorn
Tastes warm
As worm burns
My world turns
On crooked axis
No access
To freedoms denied
We know why they lied
Thousands died
But my bloated maternal farce never cried
For me
Inject the poison wholesale
Wind gale
Inflate sail
Poison stale
Need another hit
Feed this
Need this
Breed this
Within me
Crept up
We kept up
With Joneses
My home is
On fire


Purposefully enshrouded in night
Dope smack and crack
Stacked under the streetlight
Will you fight
I might
And I’d be right
But who cares what’s wrong
My swan song
Has gone on
For way too long
Weak or strong
In which dead body pile do you belong
Stacked in the middle
Pussy fucked with the fiddle
Away at your armor
To put chinks that brings
Us to brinks of destruction
Hold out a little longer
Welfare check tomorrow
So let me borrow
Another taste
I’ll replace the hubcap
In your brag rap
While your dope sack
Is my broke back
Spines snapped in this urban soliloquy
Had your fill of me
Come near me
Or keep your distance and fear me
But don’t thrill me
The hatred will fill me
No really
I mean it this time
I’m gonna take mine
Spent my last dime
On that cheap wine
Blacked out and woke up doing time
Prisoner in the bathroom
And the glass room
From which my stones are tossed
Is the only cost
When I sold my soul
I was too tired to walk
So I rode
A magic carpet slightly frayed
Then got kicked out of the rave
Banned from the booty club
Made terror my slave
And I will not pay the next cost
Because hatred and fear are my resolve

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