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by moe
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It is about inner strength and not physical strength.
If I were approached by someone and their in tension was to do me bodily harm and I had a gun, a knife, and a string what would I use first. Of course the gun because it has bullets, its faster, and i don't have to get close. Than I would use the knife. Why? Because of the sharp blade. I would never thing to use the string why because what can a string do against an a attacker? What if folded over like a belt that little string was powerful enough to render the attacker unconscious. Would I use it than probably so. Well maybe not that but maybe if swallowed it could choke the attacker to slow them down or even stop them. like the statement the pen is mighter than the sword the power is not in the size it is in the content. A gun without bullets is nothing more than a blunt object. A blunt object without someone to use it is nothing more than a ornament. It is what is inside or the content of someone or something that counts. A person with a gun without malaise intent will not hurt you. A person with a gun who intents on hurting you can. Anyone with a gun can hurt you, but it is whats inside that stops them. The essence that lies inside someone is what defines them. Everything begins and ends with your spirit. If you have hate in your heart than than you are a hater. If you have love in your heart than you are a lover. If you feel that you are sucessful than you are sucessful. If you feel that you are a loser than than you are a loser. If you find something about yourself that you don't like than
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