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A mild environmental statement
Once A Special Place

Aloneness feels good, melds gently with awakening.
Lonliness creeping defeats itself battling the buoyant          sunrise and solitude. 
The forest awakens gently unfettering the floral delight,          inviting all to ancient trammeled trails and roads.

The day sends upward the sun, filtered by needles and cones.
I pause, I feel the sunrise, silver mists drift over the green.
I move upon a giving lake seeking solace and reprieve, not so
the tail-teasing skittering chipmunks, and the disharmonic robins, ravens and jays.

Gaze upon the switchbacks; follow the mountain’s ridge,
keen-sight the crest, the headwaters; a thundering waterfall drawn to an emerald and Elysium lake,
hurtling water that pounds, deafens and stuns.

Vines and ferns seek ever upward, leading me to the summit; a panoramic pedestal of vistas and valleys, creeks and streams
joining with nature, succumbing in reverence, kneeling in grief.
Asphalt corridors, dikes and dams dissolve all without mercy.

Sitting quietly in the field of flowers that crowns the ridge,
eyes resting, sensing the busyness of life, harmonious;
bees, beetles and birds with flowers, weeds and trees,
nature’s promise and Spirit’s guarantee.
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