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Feelings of many women in a male dominated world.
DON’T MAKE ME A WOMAN: a sonnet—Merit badge winner

God don’t make me a woman in next life,
No more I want to be tortured by men.
A woman’s life is full of woe and strife.
She’s subjected to all sort of mayhem.

She’s killed unborn while she is in the womb.
If born, it is the girl who is fed less.
Till she gets her final rest in the tomb,
She faces much cruelty and distress.

It may be in the East or in the West,
Male ego always does deprive women.
Men always corner for themselves the best,
Forgetting they were once mothers’ children.

Why say God made in his image the man?
That credit ought to go to the woman.

* Written for: Culture/History/Politics in Poetry Contest, "Invalid Item. It was initially written as entry no. 462811 in the book WOMEN'S AND GENDER ISSUES, "Invalid Item. Posted as an independent item on 20 December 2007

* Awarded a merit badge by Lynn along with the message: "Your sonnet, "Don't Make Me a Woman", is a thoughtful poem considering the role of women around the world."

* Featured as Editor’s choice in the WDC poetry newsletter dated 26 Dec. 2007 and 31 December 2013 which focused on sonnets.

• As an author, I was moved, and thought the purpose of writing this was achieved, when I got the following review:

“I think you've really captured the feelings of women around the world with this poem.

It seems to me, as a woman, that no matter how much we may do in life...no matter how successful we are, we are not 'equal' in the eyes of many men”.

M C Gupta
19 October 2006
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