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This includes background history to the introduction I wrote.
Here are some background details  that may help with the progression of the story…

              In this fictional story there is something known as an Invisible layer which serves as the sky.  Here the sky is an illusion.  It’s a mask to an unknown human race.  This race or clan is known as the Tara, named after a Hindu goddess of the stars, it symbolizes protection.  The Tara have been living in a closed off area for over eighty years.  They, with their advanced technology that far surpasses our own have masked themselves with particles serving as reflectors to create this illusion.  How did these people become so advanced? They are in fact the people of the future; they protect the land we live on.  They are far beyond our imagination in terms of technology and have been saving the lives of people across the world.  Why hasn’t any of this been found out by the people now living on Earth? It has, but only for a few short moments.
                    What we call déjà vu is actually a time when a person on Earth sees what’s known as an attack.  An attack is the very reason why the Tara are protecting us; they are trying to save the world form the destruction they faced in the future.  They were attacked by outsiders, beings from other universes.  It is unclear why exactly these outsiders attacked or what they wanted form us, speculations show it was most likely for Earth’s resources.  That does not however, explain why they choose to attack the people living on Earth. 
                   When someone experiences déjà vu their memory has been erased and been replaced with an old one.  Thinking about how many times someone has experienced déjà vu, that’s how often they have seen something they shouldn’t have. 
                   The Tara makes sure that the people on Earth never find out about them or the outsiders.  If it did they knew it would cause a huge scandal, history could be ruined.  So they created a hide away just between the atmosphere and space, a layer that would serve almost like a membrane where only people can slip through easily and for about half of the outsiders trying to get to Earth,  that’s where they have to stop.  The layer is sometimes too strong for them to break, they eventually die trying.  For the other half however, the ones that do make it through, they are the problem causers for the Tara. 
                   Things were going smoothly for the Tara living in the Invisible layer up until about fifteen years ago, all Hell broke loose.  There was an extreme eruption of outsiders trying to get inside the layer to get to Earth.  None of this was expected and the layer was weakened dramatically.  There were more outsiders getting though the layer than there were keeping out.  It was terrible.  There are much more people living on Earth than there are in the Invisible layer.  Up to about ten to twelve people on Earth died within the first couple of hours, which had never happened before.  These people died by an “unknown illness” according to the press down on Earth.  The Tara had to think fast or else the whole world would come to an end, literally.  They made a plan which was to send new born to children up to the age of five years down to live on Earth until the Tara could regain control. 
                   Children of the Tara have a natural sixth sense to protect people on Earth.  They would be sent to orphanages and brought up into families where they could protect those around them.  It was their only option and as hard as it was for the Tara, they had one job; protect the world from destruction. 
                   Since this idea, sending children down to Earth had never gone into play before they did not know the threats and major adaptation problems that their children would have to face.  All one hundred and fifty or so would face unknown threats in early childhood.  From zero to age five they had the power ordinary people didn’t the power to see the outsiders.  “It’s just a phase,” many doctors told the worried adopted child’s parents who say their children have been suffering from major night terrors, “All children believe in monsters at their age, it’s perfectly normal.  It’s the teenage years you have to worry about.”  Though the doctors had no idea what these children really saw they were right about one thing, it was just a phase because after the age of five, they begin to slowly lose their senses and their immature power to wield against outsiders they once had to protect humans.  They would begin to forget who they were and where they came from, their natural instincts.  They were slowly becoming the very being they swore to protect years ago, that ran through their very blood, they were becoming the normal human and there was nothing they could do to stop it. 
                   And as the children lost their senses, the Tara soon lost track of their lost children.  They were a lost cause and soon forgotten.
                   That was eleven years ago...

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