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by Char
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Unparalled joy. Transcendental awe. Absolute amazement. Enjoy :)
My face is awashed with joy.
My heart is soaring with the song of the summer birds.
The blood is pulsing through my veins like
antsy little children let out when the school bell rings.
A tingling little finger brushing my skin.

I swoon in joy.
I drink in the happiness of the air.
I paddle my way through the ocean of hopes and dreams.
I have found the elixir of life.

Stumbling onto the highest peak,
taking in the splendour of the magnificent landscape spread before me.
Jumping into the air, crowing for joy.
Riding on the careless wind to futures of unknown fortunes.
Fortunes yet made, but fortunes nonetheless.

The beauty of realization.
The gently guiding hand of Destiny
leading to its fortuitous destination.
A melding of Time and Space.
A seamless fit between dreams and reality.

The hopeless debacle finally
finding its beauty amongst the chaos.
The Universalist has found her
way back home at last.

To choose, to live.
To dream, to live.
To love, to live.
To hope, to live.
To dare, to live.

I choose, to dream.
              To hope.
              To love.
              To dare.
              To live.
I choose to live.

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