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How one might feel knowing the love of their life is leaving them.
Do not- I beg you- try to take it back.
Not today, not as I wake
Hopeful and warm in my bed,
Deceived as I breathe.
The morning sun begins to tease.
It fills my room with pink and tender
Light that dances to distract me-
From the shadows.

Do not- I beg you, take it back today.
Not today, the birds outside
Are singing too sweetly.
They grasp the branches blooming
With delicate buds that smell divine.
Innocence smells that way.
And when the blossoms start to die,
Inevitable cold will settle in.

Do not (I beg you) take it back from me.
Not today, but if you must-
Then take it back tomorrow...please.
If that’s when your heart decides to leave
Then on that cold and dreadful day-
With my severed mind;
I will close my eyes, kill the birds,
and cease to breathe.
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