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Change is always inevitable.
Dear Revamped,

I hope this letter finds you well. It has been a while since I have touched based with you. The last time I saw you in the mirror you were changing right before my eyes. You were transforming into such a vibrant,colorful butterfly. Those changes came about in stages. Some came quickly, while others took more time. Your life experiences are responsible for the changes in you. The last time we spoke you mentioned that all changes that are forced upon whether you want them or not are bad. Sometimes they start out hard and brutal to take. Sometimes you intiate the change, sometimes they are forced upon you. You have chosen to embrace the changes in your life. I admire that effort you have put forth to be positive and not give in to fear. Fear is a constant known to the human family. Fear of the unknown is unpleasant because we don't kow what to expect. One never knows what is just around the corner. Is it good? or is it bad? Will I be able to handle the situation? Will I fall apart under the pressure? Will I learn anything from the experience? Will it shape me to become a better person? Will it change me inside? How will I emerge from my present cocoon? Will I become a silk worm or a beautiful butterfly? Metamorphosis. What will I morph into? Revamped you have morphed into a remarkable person. You took the pain and learned from it. You became stronger, more reliable, more dependable, more beautiful inside and out, more likeable, more determined, not easily spooked. You became a better parent, easy to talk to, friendlier and drew even more friends. Those things are beautiful to see, but what I have noticed that really stands out is your ability to be EMPATHETIC. I love that about you. You truly feel others pain in your heart, and you act on it. You accept others as they are and do not try to change them .That is a rare quality!  I see the changes and others as well. You are a beautiful butterfly! I look forward to seeing all sides of the butterfly. Until the next time.

Yours Truly
Revamped(From the other side of the Mirror)
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