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The mysterious club gets hot, making one certain detective sweat.
Eternity: Chapter Two

The club was full to capacity, even now on a weeknight. The outrageous cover charges and larcenous drink prices didn’t dampen the patron’s enthusiasm at all. The music was loud, the driving dance music sending the brave souls on the floor into frenzy. The inky darkness, broken by high tech strobe lights, reflected in various mirrors and high sheen finishes through out the place.

It was certainly out of Livia’s league, in more ways than one. She’d much rather spend her free time, what she had of it, in her favorite bath robe catching up on television or watching her beloved Bears play hard-ass football. If she went out, it was to the beach or the local sports bar and grill that served the best burgers on the entire east coast. This place was, to say the least, over the top.

“Not exactly Shamrocks, huh?” Martin asked, cracking a smile.

“Too much money … probably too many drugs too,” she snapped.

“You’re too damned young to be so jaded.”

“Look who made me that way.” It was a common exchange between them and had them both rolling their eyes.

“A pretty lady like you should be out at the clubs all the time.” A familiar voice suggested in her ear. He’d snuck up, without her hearing him. Not that it wasn’t loud enough to drown out the noise of a heard of elephants in the club. You had to yell to be heard, even though they were only a few yards in the door. She told herself she wasn’t loosing it, but it made her uneasy.

Something about Sorin Dechevney set her nerves on edge, and it wasn’t just how damned hot he looked. The true red of his silk shirt accented his smooth skin and ink black hair. The billowy garment should have been effeminate, but on Sorin it was no such thing. It merely enticed a woman to open the shirt and explore. Tailored black pants made sure everyone noticed the fine build God had graced him with.

“Flattery will get you nowhere,” she hissed.

“Only truth.”

“You’ll have to excuse my partner. She doesn’t get out enough,” Martin interrupted.

“By all means. I’m glad you chose Eternity.” He motioned towards his club with a flourish. Though not her taste, Livia had to admit it was impressive. The high ceilings, perfect acoustics, and extensive electronics were amazing. The exotic wood used for the four separate bars reeked of a higher-class world than anything she was used to. The dance floor alone was too expensive for her to contemplate.

“’It’s a pretty hip club.” Martin admitted.

“Let me show you around. Only the best for Miami’s finest.”

“I promise you … none of Miami’s finest could afford one of your designer martinis. We’re here on business,” Livia reminded the men. Anger flushed her cheeks. What in the Hell were they thinking, chatting like she wasn’t even there?

Her green eyes flashed the same color as the fake silk shell she wore under her linen jacket. It was most likely too warm, Sorin decided, and did little to hide her weapon, which she carried in a shoulder holster. She was still beautiful; with her porcelain skin and sunset colored hair. And let’s not forget her very warm, very enticing heartbeat. He would have to be on guard the entire visit.

“We are here on business,” Martin agreed, hoping the man wasn’t offended. He glared at Livia, his dark eyes pinning her to the spot. He made it obvious that he wasn’t pleased with his partner’s behavior. He had seen just about everything in his twenty plus years on the force, but something about this Sorin Dechevney made him nervous. Beneath the man’s elegant exterior was someone much more dangerous. It was something Martin didn’t want to encounter, unless he absolutely had to.

“Can I offer you a drink? Coffee or a soda, since you’re on tax payer’s time?” Sorin offered.

“The coffee would be great,” Martin agreed, daring Livia to contradict him. This man wasn’t going to be forced or fooled into giving them information. Their only chance was to befriend him. Maybe then they would learn something of importance, since pissing him off certainly wasn’t going to work.

He led them to one of the booths lining the back wall and motioned them to take a seat. With one wave of his hand, a waitress came scurrying to do his bidding. It was disgusting as far as Livia was concerned. She’d seen men like him before and they were all pain in the ass Mama’s Boys. Even as she thought it, she knew it wasn’t true. He was much more enticing somehow than those others had been. Not to mention that she couldn’t even imagine his mother.

The coffee was served. Livia poured plenty of cream and sugar in hers, attempting to be sociable. It managed to be drinkable, at least as drinkable as she could make it, and she sipped the noxious brew. She noticed that Sorin had served himself a cup too, but didn’t seem to be enjoying it. It appeared he was attempting to be a good host too.

“So, what can I do for you, detectives?” Sorin asked finally. Tiptoeing wasn’t his style and he didn’t imagine Detective Cleary would appreciate her time wasted.

“We just wanted to know if you recall anyone these ladies associated with … anyone in particular. Judith Lake, Abigail Tremaine, and Chloe Razmussen didn’t’ have a lot in common. Other than money, Eternity, and the fact they all went missing within hours of each other.”

Sorin could picture the girls well. He’d known them in life and had not been able to escape their pictures in the paper when news of their disappearance hit the press. Three young, wealthy women had disappeared in the matter of forty-eight hours; it was no wonder the police were going out of their mind. Since the South Beach authorities had little practice at this kind of thing, Miami detectives had been brought in.

“I know they were familiar with each other … I’ve seen them sharing drinks and gossiping. Whether they were actually friendly, I couldn’t tell you. I hadn’t seen them with any one man in particular … or woman for that matter. They tend to travel in packs, really. They were all fond of vodka and rum … not that it’s any startling revelation.”

“Could you give us a list of names that … travel in that pack? Maybe there was a problem with figuring out the alpha pair or something?”

“I can … it will take a few moments. I have to put faces with names. May I go check some of my receipts? This is a credit card generation.”

“Of course,” Martin excused him.

He returned from his office moments later with a list of ten names. They could run those against the cell phone records and perhaps come up with something. Someone knew where these women were and no one on South Beach’s or Miami’s police force were going to rest until they were found.

“Thank you for your cooperation.” Livia managed a polite thanks.

“No problem officer. And I meant what I said; a lovely lady like you is welcome at Eternity any time. I doubt you’ll have trouble getting someone to buy you one of the expensive drinks. I know I’ll be glad to offer.”

The smoldering look in his eyes was not only unsettling, but sexy as hell; even if she didn’t want to admit it. She felt her pulse quicken and her body tighten in response to the waves of hormones Sorin gave off. He felt her body’s response too, though Liv remained clueless to his talents. It brought a smile to his full lips.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

The detectives made their way to their car, grateful to get their hearing back. Liv could feel his gaze watching her as she walked and was hard pressed to ignore it. She’d experienced sexual attraction many times before, even on the job, but this was something different … more. She wasn’t sure she liked it at all.

“He knows something,” Livia noted out loud.

“And he’s in no hurry to tell us,” Martin agreed.
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