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Love can sometimes catch us by surprise
Flicker of a Flame

It started innocently enough
Just a little spark, flying through the dark
It was just a little kiss
Never thought it’d end up like this
But when a small speck of light
Hits the water just right
There’s no point running cause once the dam breaks
The flood’s already coming and there’s no escape

With a flicker of a flame
My whole world changed
In a blink of an eye
You became the center of my life
To think I knew what I didn't really know
That this love would somehow grow
From a flicker of a flame

Baby, I wish I could explain
Why I can’t seem to avoid the pain
That it looks like I’m running straight into
Oh, there must be something I can do
Cause all I thought this would be was a fling
Now this fire’s blazing and I can’t do a thing

Repeat Chorus

Cause I only thought this was a fling,
Now here I am wearing a ring

Repeat Chorus

1/12/08 TAJ
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