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"Not a worry, tonight, as the picking's are prime..."
To all my dear friends, who begged me to say,
Who tell me, unequivocally, to do things my way,
Who beat around the bush to tell me it's wrong,
Allowing me to hang out, and stay much too long.
There's one way to go, to each other we shall give;
We'll be the closest of friends, as long as we live.

I think that it's clear, no need to pretend,
We never wish for this party or great night to end.
Amid all the sorrow and heartache in our lives,
Our friendship gives us strength, our hope survives;
And if the girl we really like should like one of us tonight,
Congrats' are in order, there's no need to fight. 

The women in this pub are so cute and attractive -
The night is still young, and the men are all active.
The ladies keep drinking, as the men spend the dollars;
Doesn't matter to them if they're white or blue collars.
Not a worry, tonight, as the pickings are prime! 
Good fishing, my friends, it's all on your dime.
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