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You are a miracle and a miracle you'll be.
Sit down and think for a while. Recall all the extraordinary moments that just happened recently in your life. Try to remember all the amazing things that you’re really grateful for. You just probably smiled because of that, didn’t you? Think for a while. Why did that make you smile? Has someone made your day? What certain thing did he/she do to put that adorable smile on your face?
         Imagine it’s Valentine’s Day. The guy you really like just sent you a beautiful handmade card asking you to be his Valentine. Didn’t that put a smile on your face? He sends you all these gifts. He wakes up every morning, wondering if you’re ever gonna get married, have a child, and grow old together. Every week, he sends you different kinds of teddy bears. Your bed has barely enough room for you to sleep because of the stuff he has been offering you. What’s the attraction? What caught his eye? What caught your eye? What caught both your eyes?
         Have you ever watched the sun go down? Have you ever thought about how magnificent nature is? Just imagine. The sun sets down and brings about an eye-catching view. The newly fresh-cut grasses cause you to lie down and relax. The beauty of nature eases your mind. You could live there forever, not wanting anything else. That’s because the One who created all this is brilliant. The One who’s responsible for your existence is brilliant.
         You may not seem like a light to other people’s eyes. You may be considered as a regular fish in the pond. You may not be the most popular person at school. You may not be appreciated by all. You may not fly like the hawk which soared up in the sky just this morning. But you are one thing. You are a miracle.
         God created you and brought you here on earth for one purpose. You’re the only one who knows what that purpose is. All you have to do is step out and search for it.
         Are you familiar with the saying “a new-born baby is the miracle of life”? We were babies once. That doesn’t mean we were only miracles when we had diapers and when we drank milk from a baby bottle. You are a miracle and a miracle you’ll be.
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