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Sacrifice is a truly heartwarming way of saying "I love you".
    Do you know someone who committed sacrifice in order to save someone they love and really care about? I haven’t done that, but I’m willing to take the chance. If someone I love were to commit suicide and nothing could ever change her mind, I’d take the place and show her that suicidal is a sin, but a sacrifice isn’t.

    At a young age such as ourselves, no one would dare to commit sacrifice, unless they’re willing to take the risk to save that someone’s life. We’re quite young to do such thing. I’m not saying that we’re insane or we don’t love someone that much yet. I’m just saying that teenagers nowadays don’t do that. Some would, but not all.

    Sacrifice is a truly heartwarming way of expressing how much you love a person. It means you’d take a bullet for her. You would save her life no matter what it takes. That’s why sacrifice means “saving one’s soul”, in my opinion. SOS can be considered as the abbreviation.

    According to the story “Soul of the Great Bell”, Ko Ngai sacrificed herself for her father, for she loved him so dearly. She did everything she could to complete the purpose of saving her father. She sold some of her jewels in order to get help from an astrologist, who explained to her one way of how to save her father’s life. She bravely went and leaped into where the bell was being built. That shows how you truly love a person.

    Sacrifice is one way of proving the quotation “actions speak louder than words”. It is true. I’m not saying that mentioning “I love you” to a person is meaningless, but by showing it means so much more. If you truly love someone, you’d show it by your actions. You’d prove to that person your love for him. That’s what makes you great.
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