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by Breezy
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This story is about a girl who goes to school for the first time,and falls in love.
When I opened the door to Herington Secondary School, I could feel my life beginning, for the first time. The sound of people laughing & chattering with their friends; the sight of preppy girls gossiping and whispering about the gothics in the corner; Student council members posting papers advertising the special events coming up. I could feel it, this was going to be the best time of my life. As I began looking to the side of me in my book bag, for my timetable, a girl came running up to me, in the happiest mood I've ever seen anyone be in.
" Hi!, You must be the new girl... Sandra, is it ?
" No, I'm Sophie.. Sophie Darbridge. Who are you ? "
" Sophie, huh? A pretty name, for a pretty girl! I'm Val Johnston, Student body president. It's a pleasure to meet you. It's kind of my job to say that to the new students, but I actually mean it. Most of the new students that I welcome are either super shy, or extremely cocky and .. obnoxious. You don't seem to be any of those. You seem so confident, and with your prettiness & confidence, you could go a long way here at Herington. "
" Oh, wow.. thanks! So um, can you show me where Room 107 is? It's my homeroom. "
" Yeah, its uh.. right around that corner, and if you go down that hall, it's about the 3rd one on the left. You'll see a sign that says Mr.Brewer's class. But I have to go to class, so I`ll see you around! Hope you have a good first day, eh? "
Did Val actually just call ME pretty, and confident? I never thought I would ever hear those 2 words and my name in the same sentence, or even think of them in the same thought!  Ever since I was raped so long ago.. I've never been able to trust anyone, or believe what they say to me or about me. Because of my trust issues, I don't even have much of a relationship with my parents.
I walked down the hallway, looking at all the doors for the sign " Mr.Brewer's class " . Once I found it, i walked in and headed for the open seat at the front of the class. When I turned around, I laid my eyes on the most gorgeous boy I have ever seen. Sitting on the corner of the desk at the back of the class, sat this extremely handsome boy, with eyes as blue as the sky , and brown hair that looked like it was as soft as a bunny's fur. And judging by his amazing figure, under that green Steelers football jersey was probably the most perfect set of rock-hard abs and beautifully tanned skin. But, I shouldn't get caught up .. not like anyone like him would ever notice me! When I got out my binder and started writing the date at the top corner, I noticed another guy who came to sit beside me.
" Hey, uhh.. are you new here? I've never seen you around. "
" Yeah, I am. This is Mr Brewer's english class, right? Room --- "
" 107? Yeah, it is. Man, I don't know why I didn't switch classes when I saw his name on my timetable. Brewer's a uhh.. creeper, if you want to call it that. He always gives these creepy looks to the girls, and even to the guys sometimes too. I wouldn't be suprised if he had a record for stalking, or even peeping tom! Oh, I'm Tyson, by the way."
I laughed , and he smiled.
" Hm, well. I guess I`ll just see for myself!" I continued writing, when Mr.Brewer walked in. He looked as if he was some hot-shot professional lawyer, with his briefcase clenched under his fingers.
" Hello, class. Let's get started. Turn to page..."
He looked at me, with a shocking look on his face, as if I was someone he remembered, but wishes he didn't remember.
"Oh, uh.. so you're the new girl, eh? What was your name again?"
"Sophie Darbridge."
"Right. Class, welcome Sophie. Now, this being her first year here, I am expecting one or some of you to make her feel welcome, and perhaps show her around Herington. Now, as I was saying ...."
First period class went really well for me. The classmates were really friendly, and Mr.Brewer didn't turn out to be anything like Tyson said he was.The bell rang, and as I reached down beside me to put my binder in my bookbag, I saw footsteps coming towards my desk. I slowly looked up, and there he was, that gorgeous boy from the back of the class.
" Hey, Sophie right? I'm Brennan Wright. I was wondering if I could walk you to your next class.. where is it ?"
"Thanks, I'd like that." I smiled.
"It's geography , in room.. 279!"
"Oh, thats not far."
We started walking down the hall. There was a slight bit of awkwardness, but it didn't take long for him to burst into Conversation.
"So, where are you from? " He asked.
"Actually, I am from here, Odessa, but I was homeschooled, and I don't really go out much, so that's why you probably haven't seen me around too much."
"Oh, I see! Why were you homeschooled?" He asked again, with a look of amazement on his face.
"Well, it's a long story.." I said, as we came to the doorway of room 279.
"How about we meet at lunch, and we can talk more? I can show you around too, if you want?" Ah, he was so nice. Of course I agreed to go for lunch, and I waved goodbye as I headed into class, the biggest smile going across my face.

I stared at the clock throughout the whole class, and when the bell rang, I rushed anxiously into the hallway, where I saw Brennan, patiently waiting at the other side.
"How'd you get here so fast?"
"I left early to go to the *bathroom*.. I didn't want to miss you."
How sweet was he.
When we walked to my locker, I put my binders in and took my purse out, along with my cell phone.
"Oh, sweet! You have a camera-phone? Take a picture of us." He exclaimed!
I take back what I said about guys like him not noticing me! Suddenly, I felt a hint of confidence going through me.
I smiled, as if nothing else could be wrong with that moment.
When I looked up, I saw Val heading my way. She waved, so I waved back. But so did Brennan .
"Oh, you know her?" I said to him.
"Yeah, Val's my girlfriend!" He laughed, but I could see that he didn't seem happy about it.
She went up to kiss him, and then turned to me.
"Hey Soph' ! How are you liking Herington so far? .. I see you've already met my *boyfriend* , Brennan." She gave an evil smile. Why did I trust her ? Why did I trust Brennan? Val was just saying those nice things to me because she is Student body president, and she HAD to.. and Brennan was leading me on.
"Herington's... great. But I think I'm going to go eat by the tree outside. Later, Val.
See you around Brennan." I headed towards the door .
"WAIT!" Brennan yelled to me.
"I thought we were having lunch together?"
"What? You made plans for lunch with HER? What about me, your girlfriend?" Val said, giving me a dirty look.
"Yeah, you're my girlfriend, but she's new, and.. she's a good friend of mine. Look, Val, you just need to give me some space, ok? You can't spaz on me everytime I want to hang out with a girl that isn't you, or everytime I mention a girl that isn't you. I need a life of my own, and you certainly aren't giving me that."
Woah, did he actually just call me a good friend of his? Hm. Maybe he wasn't leading me on.
"I can't believe you, Brennan.. I thought -- I thought you loved me? Whatever, if space is what you want, space is what you're going to get. Plenty of it. And you, Sophie, just because you're new, doesn't mean you can go around stealing everyone else's friends, and other girl's boyfriends. I'm friggin' student body president, so don't mess with me. You don't know the social humiliation I could put you through, girl. And you don't want to know."

Val walked away, the total opposite of the mood she was in at the beginning of the day. I felt so bad for ruining their relationship in such a short period of time, but i'm sorry to say that another part of me didn't care, because now I knew that Brennan liked me more than her. Could life get any better? I think not.

"Sophie, I'm sorry for what she said to you. She has some.. anger problems, and she doesn't like letting things like this go. But, you have me now, and I'm not going to let her get to you. I mean what I say, and I say what I mean. Sophie, I really like you, and I want to have a shot with you. What do you say?"
"Yeah!, Definitly, i'll be your..girlfriend." I smiled. He took my hand, smiled, then turned and started walking beside me to the door that lead to the fountain outside.

As we walked outside, the most beautiful sight caught my eyes! The sun was shining perfectly, there was no sounds except the ones from the birds, the water dripping from the fountain, and the distant sounds of cars driving by. He lead me to the fountain, where we sat down, face to face.
"I'm really glad that we're together now. I've waited for so long for someone like you. I thought I was going to be with Val forever. I feel like people expect me to, because she is student body president, and head cheerleader, and I'm the captain of the football team, and on honor roll, so people expect the top boy & girl to be together. But i'm sick of those arranged relationships. They say that the best person for you, is the one that you don't look for, the one that fate just brings to you. Well, now I know that it is true. Fate brought me you."
I could have cried right at that moment, but I stayed strong for him. He was so sweet to me.
" Brennan, but.. you barely know me. Do you really mean this?"
"Yes, of course I do. I just knew, right from the moment you walked into homeroom, I could just see something in you, in your eyes, that told me we were supposed to be together."
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