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put the lotion in the basket
Death head moth gets tossed down your throat
Blood is my broth as my flow I devote
To the darkness that spawned this
A spook come to haunt this
Blood reigning
Self sustaining
No way you can stop this
Every line that I wrote
In your mind as you choke
So easily I spell your doom by remote
Mix the chemical in your blood
And my fist in your mug
Reality fades to night shades
As your consumed by the drug
Measure the accupressure
As the vertabrae snaps
Your torment I treasure
Misfire synapse
Cerebral cortex
Becomes a vortex
The pathology is so complex
Ignore the hidden context

Neurotoxin leaves a stain
Forever tethered to the pain
Agression obsession and raw hostility
All seem to be my only source of tranquility
So quit fucking with my chi flow or I'll unleash my ability

To smash you and bash you
To buckwheat and trash you
Eat you brain cover your remains
With lime and then stash you
Where no one can find you
With this spell I bind you
All alone
In the dark
In the basement
I grind you
I can taste your fear
As I approach from the rear
Your last hour draws near
And the song that you hear
Is your funeral march
So beware the dark arts
When you crawl and you creep
Be a wolf or a sheep
It's your choice
Heed my voice
Or you'll sow what you reap
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