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A short story about the true essence of Christmas.
Christmas Eve was blissfully celebrated. Snow was falling from the sky in a miraculous kind of way. Cool breeze was carried from the mountains to the city. Though it was freezing, it didn’t stop people from celebrating Christmas. Love and joy were in each other’s hearts.
Ruth and Peter rushed to the living room, with excitement expressed on their faces. Their dog, Kenneth, was thrilled. He barked in a way he never barked before. Mother prepared hot chocolate to keep everybody warm.
“What’d you get me for Christmas, Ma?” curiously asked Peter, with his eyes pleading to Mother.
“You’ll know as soon as we open the presents, but not now.” responded Mother.
“He’s been bugging me all day of what I got him. I won’t give it to you till you are patient.” added Ruth, Peter’s older sister.
“You know, receiving presents isn’t only what Christmas is about.” said Mother.
“We know. We know. It’s also about giving.” replied Ruth.
“Yes, but there is something that matters even more. Do you know the reason why we celebrate Christmas?” asked Mother.
Neither of them answers.
“See,” said Mother, “Christmas is about celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth.”
“Oh, He’s the One Daddy has been telling us about every night.” responded Peter.
“Exactly. Jesus Christ was born on December 25. Instead of singing happy birthday to Him, we celebrate Christmas.” said Father.
“So you’re saying we celebrate Christmas for one purpose only?” asked Ruth.
“Not exactly for one purpose, celebrating His Presence with us is the main purpose. He’s the true essence why we celebrate Christmas. We celebrate Christmas for other reasons too. Let’s just remember that He’s the One we are grateful for.” explained Mother.
“In fact, Christmas is not the only time we should celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth. We should celebrate everyday. We should always thank him for being with us.” added Father.
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