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"How We Say Goodbye [13+] by destinydances

You wrote to me those final words "good bye"
No honor yours, nor courage to my face ~
Perhaps you felt that I would surely cry
Or snap the thread that kept my life in place.

The words you penned upon this parchment white
Did sting my eyes like scent of peppermint
I am "a rose of crimson, dark as night...
The passion ours is much too decadent."

Such narrow scope of words from one too loved
Does disappoint and sadden, in a way.
Though once I thought you helped me rise above,
I see a weak and foolish man today.

So now I leave to search for love once more,
Your note in scattered pieces on the floor.

"Invalid Item by Candlemaker

I saw you read his letter of goodbye
And saw the resignation on your face
For him I wouldn’t think that you would cry
The thread that binds your life is still in place

He penned the coward’s words then walked away
No fragrant peppermint in his foul aim
You’re still a rose of crimson in your way
And never one to harbor bitter blame

The one who really helps you rise above…
An ancient soul mate dwelling in your heart
He knows the pleasant passion of your love
The scope of love that sets your soul apart

And now no ache of weeping in your throat
The pieces of his love, the scattered note
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