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                            NEXT GENERATION COMPUTERS
What is life all about? Working hard and then get something! But human being always want to make the use of mind rather than physical parts,that is why he make “computer”! and he control it in the way he want it!                                             
                                                                        But in the present generation he become tired to use his own mind and try to give a little bit of it to computer.But this is the time he is changing the law of nature and  spark of big disaster in is taking place.
                                                                                                                                            Just think for a while that god has done the same thing with us.We are the computers and he has given us mind too.In that case  our mind is the prossesor which has the capacity to proggrame himself. When a child born it has undeveloped mind and a fresh progrraming , but the modified progrramed people starts saying that this baby computer is mine! From here itself computer learns the word mine and he wants the whole world to be his. There starts diffrent people with diffrent progrraming and the try to proggrame their baby in diffrent way.
                                                                                                                                  Somewhere in this world a baby is proggrramed like to make this whole world of his and he starts saying himself  master of this world(GOD).
                    And the same thing will happen with so called next generation computer but with one diffrence ,god has given us limited power, power which is negligible in front of him but we are giving our computers powes which is infinite times more than us.
                                                                                            That day is not too far where all the good things of this world will be of computers and a new species will be added in the bio naming super computers which doesn’t need  any oxygen to live and any digestive systems. People will  be killed by computer wars. There will be rich computers ,poor computers , the biggest enemy of a computer will be a computer and we will be there like street cats and dogs.
                                                          All the good thing,bad thing in this world, the first place it visit is the mind of some body. And we are sharing that precious thing,  mind, with multiple times powerful computers! Then that day is not too far when we will see this line here and there.
    ((Beware! You might be killed while wattching tv ,or playing games on computer.)) 
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