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Heart...Don't Break their Hearts!

Please dear heart fail me not!
Let me be here for them.
Prevent their tears from falling;
Envisioning a life without me.

Be light dear heart; not struggling to work.
Hope is but a wish to make it true.
I implore you now;  stay healthy!
Since I am the rock of my family.

I know you are weak, in need of some help.
I beg of you, heart; don’t let the darkness come.
Miracles are needed; please don't let me fade.
Leaving devastation to the ones I love.

My heart is more than feelings,
Stored in a package tight.
It needs to remain healthy;
Battling  the uphill fight.

I want to be here; for them.

*SADS touches even the young and athletic;
Families grieve; the pain of death just hit.
Please be aware of the diseases of the heart.
Together, our contributions can make a great start!

* www.sadsuk.org

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