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by Char
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What if everyone gets a do-over in life?
What if there was a button we could push
to blast us out of this life,
out of this world,
to another past,
another plateau of
beauty and joy.

What if we could redo everything
and try all over again.
Erase all the past mistakes
with a scrubber and
start all over again on a clean slate

What if I told you how I felt
and not pushed you away.
Do you reckon it'd work.
Do you reckon I can do it all
on my own, salvage this mess
I'd single-handedly created.

What if there isn't what if.
What do I do then,
knowing that I'll never
be able to make it right again.
Things will never change.

That it's all over.
That the multitude of
errors were just too much to bear.
That even the hardest of all diamonds
could crack.
That there isn't infinity.
There isn't forever in your dictionary either.

There is no chance of making it right again.
But what if...
what if there is a what if?
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