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"Searching [E] by destinydances

He dwells within the shadows of her mind
A voice, her reason, closed behind a door.
An ancient memory within to find,
He whispers, "Girl, what are you searching for?"

She knows not what this world will hold for her.
In sorrowed times she cannot feel him there.
Then soft the hush of knowing starts to stir,
But falters when her thoughts become aware.

A voice, familiar, speaks into her ear,
Illuminates the shadows deep inside.
A sound she's waited all her life to hear,
The soul to which her spirit does abide.

The eyes that see directly to her core...
That whisper, "Girl, it's me you're searching for."

"His" by Candlemaker

My love my love waste not another tear
What are you searching for with such dismay
Have we not said a moment or a year
Is naught if not a sweetly passing day

In sorrowed times you cannot feel me there
And sorrows last a moment or a year
So when your thoughts of me become aware
I gently brush away your trembling tear

I do not see the trembling of your core
Should I mirror your shadows deep inside?
My god, my god it’s ever so much more
It’s where my very essence doth abide

My soul dwells in the marrow of your core
O girl, o girl, you need not search no more
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