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This is a story about two families that are in Paradise.
                                                        Chapter 1

I rolled over in bed and yawned. Looking out the window I could see birds of all colors flitting about in the morning sun.I felt an excitement but did not know why. Then I remembered. Today is my 17th birthday! Now I could tell everyone my dream! I could wait no longer. Jumping out of bed I slid into my work dress. That morning I could not keep from running all the way to the barn. As I came into the barn I could hear Zaph, Amy and Ahi laughing as they worked. I picked up the pitchfork and brandishing it as if it were a weapon, headed for the haystack. On my way there Amy called to me from where she was combing down a horse, "Hey Beulah, who do you intend to fight with?" I glanced over my shoulder at her with a sly grin, "Nobody," I said "Then way are you holding that pitchfork like that," she asked, "I am going to attack that hay bale," I replied,"But it can't resist so I won't be fighting," Amy laughed, Zaph rolled his eyes, and Ahi went on milking. I stabbed my pitchfork into the hay with such force that it almost fell over.

After I had spread clean hay on the stall floors I got the combs and started combing down the 4 horses I was in charge of. As worked I sang and Amy joined in. Then all of a sudden I stopped singing and swung my head around to face her. "Amy," I said, "I've got an idea, want to go riding this morning?" "Sure," she answered, "We can do it after we are done here." Zaph turned around in the stall that he was raking out to look at me, "Hey don't forget that today is Wednesday and Amy and you have to clean out that meeting house." "I know, I know, do you have to remind me so often?" I asked, "I was just making sure you wouldn't forget," he said, "I won't forget," I said Just at that moment Ahi came down through the barn with two buckets of milk and he called out, "You two knock it off, nobody  will get anything doing that, be careful, you’ll dirty my milk!" For we had started to throw bits of hay at each other in play. Zaph chuckled and muttered, "Who cares about cow puss?" as he playfully threw another handfull of hay derectly at the buckets this time and Ahi had to get out of the way in a hurry. I heard what he said and shouted, "Zaph!" "What? It's the truth, and hey, that is my name." He said with a quizzical grin. I rolled my eyes and Amy called, "You ready Beulah?" I ran to get Wings and just as Amy and me were leading our horses out into the barnyard we heard Zaph shout Ahi's name. Amy are me ran back into the barn. There stood Zaph, his head wet on the back and Ahi laughing with all his might, Zaph was glaring at him and looking down at the cup Ahi held in his hand and the milk bucket that was sat down on the floor by his feet. Ahi had taken the cup, filled it with milk and while Zaph continued raking Ahi had dowsed his head with it. Amy and me doubled up with laughter and that turned Zaph's glare to us but then he broke out into a big grin. Finally Amy recovered from laughing and told me that if we were to be in time for breakfast we would have to get moving. As I was leaving I called over my shoulder, "How did you like your milk bath?" He made a face and said, "I didn't exactly like it cause now I'll have to get a bath," "Well glad you liked it but got to go or Amy will leave without me," I said "Ok, but don't forget about that meeting house!" he almost shouted then laughed, "I promise I won't forget," I laughed, "And if I did you would remind me in a hurry." With that I jumped up on Wings and rode off with Amy.

We rode around the garden and orchard then turned on the path that lead to the houses and from there, there was a little path that went up onto the hill to the flat plateau from which you could see the Hanalei Bay. We rode on this path until we come to the clearing and pulled our hoses up were we had a good view. As we were looking out at the bay I said, "I have something to say, remember when I was 12 and dad rented a movie from netflix called "Lionheart: The Jesse Martin Story"? "He sailed around the world and was the youngest person to do so," "Yes, I remember I think," she replied, "Well ever since I saw that movie there has been a longing down deep inside me to do something like he did," Amy turned her head toward me and there was a look of surprise on her face. Then she said, "I remember when I was young and you would say something about what you would want to do and I would laugh at you and think it was silly and stupid, but now, now I won't laugh at you because I understand how you feel because I too have dreams," I continued to look out across the Hanalei Bay. The sun was getting brighter and all of a sudden Amy looked at it and exclaimed, "It is probably 7:00! We had better hurry, and fast if we want any breakfast!" With that we galloped down through the trees and raced to the pasture to let the horses graze with the others.

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