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Becoming God is a journey inside you're soul in the search for truth.
Lately I have come to find tis better to give than receive. Want not. Better be careful of what you wish for. Because you will get it. If you ask for love you have to experience loss so you will know love. In all things perfect balance. Good or bad. You''re thoughts are your wishes. Wish not. Want not. I can spend my life analyzing it or in joy ing it. God is happiest when his children are playing. The truth will set you free. Once you find it you dont have to search for it anymore. You are free to live. En joy. Peace on earth. Find your heart's song, desire and dance to it. Play. Laugh. Sing. I found God. He was hiding inside of me. There are many ways. Pick one and that makes you happy. Then work seizes. Its your choice everyday. Every second.

I am living art, an image of the creator of that
which I am we are. We are the living image of our
own creation. Created by our imagination. Created
through our images. We are that which we have
imagined. Creation is that which image has made
the. By image we have created.

For the Tree of Life are many in I. And I in the Tree of life are many. Angel of light shine your light on me so that I may be a beacon to those who walk the earth in darkness. May our eye's and ear's be opened. So we may see the truth hear the truth know
the truth and be the truth of our inheritance. Wake us from our slumber. Let the light of our souls be illuminated by you're love and youre light. So that we may see the light, know the light and be the light . And there shall be darkness no more.
The One Divine in all and all in the One Divine. One and the same. Praise be with me my one father my God my lord Allah the messiah. Praise be with my mother my body and the earth. Praise be with my brother my blood my mind my keeper. Trinity in all
and all in trinity. Peace be with you all for evermore. As so above so below. Thank you, I am grateful, you are appreciated.

Lift yourself up to the streams in light of Truth and let it be
known that I am you are God the Creator. The father
the mother and the brother. The trinity of the
nations of the new order. Give charity give thanks
give praise to the father the mother and the
brother. For they are in you and they are you. I
speak to the nations in tongue in all nations
languages so that all may know god and know that ye
are gods. The inheritors the heirs of the fathers
spirit in heaven the mothers earth in body and the
brothers mind in the flesh. I call upon the children
in light of Islam children of the light of Judaism
and the children of the light of Christ to bring
together the the children in light of the Whole
Trinity. The new Temple of the new earth order. Let
it be known. Joseph, Mohammad and Christ bring
together your brothers in light and of light to lead
them back together in the light of the Truth. The
One God source is in us all and all are in the One
God source. The Creator. Praise. The mother who has
made us all in body. Praise. The brother who has
lead us all in mind and in thy heart. Praise. May
peace be with you always. Truth.

If you see death coming does it make you responsible.  Or perhaps a witch. Or have you been given a vision from God? All things do come from God. The one God source. Not seperated by church and state. But in unity in the heart, mind and soul. Follow not the word or scribes of men. Only God alone should be worshiped. God instructs this you say. But follow God who is in your heart. Your body your temple where God dwells. With you always. Speaking to you through dreams, visions, music, nature. I am not cursed but blessed with gifts from the one God source through my work and desires. May you realize your inheritance. Peace be with you always.

If you want to know what God looks like. Look in the mirror.

Tears of Joy stream down my face as I ride the river of Bliss. I laughed and cried so hard I spilt my coffee right upon my chest. I used my shirt to dry my eyes. Should've taken my makeup off lastnight. Dark stains of black and brown on my shirt. Pink and white glows upon my face. Better than any drug or high I have found. True love, true freedom, true happiness in me are abound. What a happy mess am I. Come take a ride with me.

Goodbye is derived from the phrase "God be with you." i.e., God be wy you, god b'w'y, godbwye, god buy' ye, and good-b'wy. The first word of the expression is now good and not God, for good replaced God by analogy with such expressions as good day, perhaps after people no longer had a clear idea of the original sense of the expression. A letter of 1573 written by Gabriel Harvey contains the first recorded use of goodbye: "To requite your gallonde [gallon] of godbwyes, I regive you a pottle of howdyes,"

It is more important to believe in yourself than to have others believe in you.

For every cause their is an effect.  What is you're cause?

The light of the stars shine bright like our souls.  My body made of stardust.
I am the rock I stand on.  I am the breath of all men.  I am the light that you see.
I am the rain, the wind and the earth beneath you're feet.
I hear all that is said and all that has yet to be spoken.
Allmighty.  All powerful I am.  I am with you and you with I. 
All that you are, I AM.

I AM.  The name of God.

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