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This was a class assingment that my class had to do.
People learn about life in the past in many different ways. I know this because there are remains. Remains are things like jewlery,cooking utencils,tools,and toys. For example, in the Stone Age,there were very simple untencils for there everyday life. We learn about these utencils, bones and other things because some have beeen preserved or just discovered. Archeaologist find remains almost everyday. They find things like skeletons, cave art. and many other artifacts. We learn about life in the past in many ways.
To learn things about life in the past we do research. We do this by going to libaries. We could find books about mummies, bones, and museums. We can also go on the internet. There could be websires about mummies , tombs, or archealogist. Also there are certain refrence materials too, like encyclopedias. All of these places and things to do to learn about life in th distant past.
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