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2 born as twins split apart one for dragon one for tiger brothers burn to hate each outher
We start are story in a village hut a cry is heard as the huts door is opened two guards walk out, one with the sign of the cobra on his shoulder, The other the sign the tiger they look at each other an walk away, one way the other the other way and so starts are story of the hidden lotus

With out making a sound Ki moved up behind one of the other students with a quick strike, Ki took him down, The winner is Ki said master nicko and jumping out of the arena, there were cheers all around, Ki has never before won at the arena he had a big smile on his face then the master said in his low hard voice ‘'you did all right but if you face a more skilled opponent, you would have been defeated. You lack passion Ki, If you want to be one of the best in the tiger clan you must state caring more and getting better at fighting'' with that the master walked away ki's smile slowly fell away ‘'why must he complain about everything'' thought Ki ,with a shake of his head ki walked away going through a low tunnel as dirt fell in his face Ki thought ‘'I have been fighting with my class for only a few seasons, already they have surpassed me but in the back of his head he heard another voice say, ‘'but you lack passion'' there is one way to make my self better thought Ki but no one has ever even considered doing that, if I were to fell it would most certainly mean death.'' With a quick dash back to the arena Ki saw one of the masters walking back towards the low tunnels on the other side of the arena, running to catch up to the master, Ki was out of breath by the time he got there, ‘'master may I speak to you for a second'' said Ki ,The master a tall but well built man turned with sharp eyes toward Ki ‘'yes Ki how may I help you'' said the master ‘'master said Ki I lack passion, the only way I can think of getting better is to take the challenges of body, mind and sole with a quick step towards Ki ,the master said ‘'you no not what you ask for no one has ever took the challenges and lived to tell the tell, you take back what you said I due not want to be the one to say yes and seal you fate'' said the master.
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