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Recorded @ Studio 69 C & P 2008 Sikend Music LLC C2M2Music.com Lyrics by:David Powell
Tomorrow is over
another moment failed
Shattered dreams lay here wasted
This darkness encloses me
Drive away and let the fire breathe
Foundations dead in the wake
Premonitions of the future
I stink of this for days

I assume the blame for this
It seems so justified
Aggression building up in me
I'm sinking in my shame

Unaware of whats inside me
I can feel it move about
Crawling through my blood stream
This evil has took hold

A shell of what I once was
Accept my fate and move on
I wash my hands in your blood

Eight f@ckin mouths
and I'll be coming to get you
Four f@ckin mouths
and I'll be there to make you pay
and in the end you won't escape
this never
never ending cycle of hate
never ending cycle of hate.....
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