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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Emotional · #1422289
So tired of this relationship wanted to move on to something new
Ear marked for disaster part one
Can't help but feel overwhelmed
Then Underwhelmed at the same time

There's an aching in both ears
Flames ignite in both eyes
There's only one way to feel
How unhappy are you willing to make me?
I can't tell you how unhappy I'm willing to be

I wish I had a thick tongue full of sass
Then I could finally tell you
Go ahead and "kiss my ass"
I thought I waved goodbye to that life
Was that life ever ready for me to say goodbye?

Now I just want you to shut up
I want you to be still, to be silent
Your words have filled with sand
There's nothing more I want to understand

It's not always ok to act the fool
To act so coy, to act so smooth
Instead be who I need you to be
Be a hero
That path is straight and it is narrow
But it proves that you will be here tomorrow

I'm used to you leaving
It hurts each time the hurting is tough
I'll eventually tire of it
Enough will be enough
I'll re-arrange
Wave hello to something new
I'm ready for the new

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