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by Joan
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This story is about a scavenger hunt that takes place in a garden.
A Scavenger Hunt

"Invalid Item there was an enormous "Invalid Item with strange twists "as the radar turns and signs of all "Invalid Item. There were all kinds of "Animal articles and "Invalid Item too. A huge colorful "Invalid Item named Lucy was "Keep On Walking "Invalid Item near a "Invalid Item when she "Stumbled Noteupon this crazy sign that read: A "Invalid Item TODAY! This caterpillar didn't know what a scavenger hunt was but was "Invalid Item about it so she "Invalid Item all her "Invalid Item to "Invalid Item with her to the site. On the way to the vacant lot she saw another huge sign that read: THIS WAY OR THAT WAY. Wondering what was really going on, Lucy and her friends started down a deep valley where the signs got smaller and tinier and then the path stopped up "Invalid Item to a beautiful "Invalid Item. "Wow! This was a pretty spot," said Lucy. There were "Invalid Item and colorful "Invalid Item and pretty "Invalid Item of all kinds, small and large. In the center of the meadow was a large "Invalid Item. There were "Invalid Item and ants too. Following other creatures they were led to the beginning of where the "Invalid Item was to be.

A "Invalid Item named Bobby was chatting with a group of animals and insects when they got there. He told them to find as many items as possible but it had to pertain to the garden and to come back here in thirty days. "These are "Invalid Item and the one with the most items wins an enormous prize. As you can see there are several thousand metal boxes around the area. They contained clues. If you get a chance, read some of them but do not take the metal boxes home."

Rabbit named Cloosy didn't know what to think and yet he loved the thought of a contest with one big prize. He wondered what it might be so he pleaded with Bobby the Frog to give clues to the prize. He dreamed that it might be a huge pile of carrots. He wasn't listening.

Bobby the Frog did say that this was huge project and that everyone will be getting something out of it. He got up to leave but not before he added that the items had to go in the "Invalid Item in some way. Be sure to check out a few of the metal boxes. Whether it was fertilizer or wheel barrel or seeds or whatever was up to the individual.

Now everyone was excited now because they have never participated in a project much less helping in some way with a garden. All they knew was the veggies and fruit were good to eat.

Now Lucy the Caterpillar was so excited that she was running along the winding path when she didn't see a huge polka dot "Invalid Item. She fell over them as a result. The mushrooms were wondering what was going on since they were run over by a creepy flighty caterpillar. She told them about the contest. She felt sorry that she almost damage the mushrooms.

"I tell you what I will do, when I go the garden spot, I will come back and get you.
Would you like that Mushrooms, "said the Lucy the Caterpillar.

"You mean it. Nobody has ever done that before," said Mushrooms.

"Sure, I will. I have to go but I will be back within thirty days," said Lucy the Caterpillar.

For the next few days that is all Lucy the Caterpillar and Cloosy the Rabbit dreamed and chatted about. They read books and piled stuff here and there until the day before the big event. No one could sleep. They both got up and started toward the garden. They got up and went outside when there stuff were gone. Both Cloosy the Rabbit and Lucy the Caterpillar wagons full of stuff was gone. What are they going to do now?

They were both pretty mad and blamed one another when they realized someone else took their stuff. They decided to go to the spot anyway. On the way to the site they stop to where the mushrooms were and asked them if they really were serious about coming along. They indicated that they did and followed to the site.

They cannot imagined what they saw next. A small boy named Willie was carrying a huge package wrapped up with neat striped purple paper. He "Invalid Item it in front of everyone. It was a "Invalid Item. MEET HUEY. Willie said that it was the latest one invented at the time. No one in the area had one of these inventions but heard of it. Willie yelled as loud as he could. He told them that this unique machine was the prize that everyone was wondering about.

Everyone was chatting when Bobby the Frog came out to the front with a wheel barrel full of pieces of paper. " These are tickets and everyone participating should get one. These tickets have one package of "Invalid Item attached to them. You can either use then or give them away. Oh, by the way has anyone lost their stuff. It was loaded here this morning before I got here and I do not know who it is."

Cloosy the Rabbit and Lucy the Caterpillar was surprised and told them that it looked like their stuff.

Cloosy the Rabbit said that his had a bunch of carrot seeds and cabbage plants
and whole sack of fertilizer.

Lucy the Caterpillar said that hers had broccoli, celery, and "Invalid Item and two sacks of potting soil.

It was theirs. They were relieved that they were still in the contest. It took all morning to unload their wagon.

At 3:00 PM the contest was officially over. Everyone had their tickets with each piece of items on it. There were tickets with three hundred items to one with
one large item. Since this was a big affair, no one knew it was going to be this large.
Willie started the scavenger hunt off. He told everyone to lay their stuff down beside them. He decided to make it like an auction and call out numbers from a hat. He pulled out a large purple flowery hat. He turned it over and picked out fifty numbers.
Those fifty numbers were to be called. If they were not there, another number would be called. While everyone were winners those fifty numbers were to be on fifty rows
of the garden. Everyone had a part in it though. While those numbers called did their rows everyone else just watched. After those rows were done, there were ten numbers to be called. These represented the whole garden. These numbers were given pieces of paper to jot down the best worker in the garden that day.

At 6:00 PM they concluded that a raccoon named Patsy did the best work in the garden and therefore got Huey the Computer. Patsy was the one with the most items, too. She never stopped helping and busy doing this and that. Everyone was tired and enjoyed their part. Patsy was excited and happy at the same time. She has never worked on a computer before. She had a chance to put up the oddest item of all in the center of the garden. It was the scariest "Invalid Item around.
It was "A magical place too. It scared crows and "The Brown Squirrels and whatever that is near the garden that wasn't suppose to be there.

Willie helped Patsy with the computer. With this turnout, "let's have a community garden every year."

"Wow, I know I didn't win but I had a lot of fun and want to do this next year," said Lucy. Everyone agreed too.

"See you "Invalid Item, okay! "Willie said.

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