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love lust(lost)!
"ooh! ooh! thats right you like it when i lick your pussy don't you", "hmmmm, yeah don't stop" the brown skinned dark girl murmurs through her teeth as her boy friend Lee goes down on her, pounding her with his tongue. "oooh yes thats right come on, come for me baby, let it mmmm! mmmm! out", Lee encouragingly solidifies his passion towards her with a nibble on her clitorus that sends her over the edge, " hmmm, yes hmm" grabbing his head and it forcing onto her nesttled mound. "Ah that was good", lee suggested, "get up off me, where is my panties, i didn't want to do this" zoney responded letting little be known about what just accord. confused Lee attacks "we just did something so wonderfull and your angry". "Take me home Lee this is wrong we shouldn't have done this i'm a christian i shouldn't be doing this and i need to get back home to brigette" Zoney said with an intent look in her eyes obviously this had meant nothing to her, her thoughts were only on her daughter brigette and her christian morals and not that of a man who seemed to be in love with her. The doors are sprung open Lee ignores her moods as she was just being her old usual melodramatic self.
Lee had met this girl on the telephone because of a friend, the girl seemed nice and when he found out she was a single mother it touch his heart strings. The way that life had treated her or more the way she allowed her life to fall into shambles had made him very impressed by her.
Zoney had an ex-boyfriend that still came around and still wanted her back but yet still she was with Lee who was at University studying as a computer major, Lee had great hopes for him and his girl and even brought up marriage which in truth is what Zoney really wants and Lee knows this all too well since it had become an increasing issue for the past couple of months. "alright come on i'll take you home, here let me help you with your panties and your pants" Lee said in a shy tone, Zoney said nothing for the entire trip home and seemed to be lost in her own thoughts. Lee however had enjoyed the evening and was not about to allow her mood to spoil it, he new she would call him later and argue with him about what had taken place today and what had taken place on numerous occassions but still he was head strong and unbiased on his views and feelings on the subject. "I love you" Lee told her with slight grin on his face, "i know she responded" with a look of bewilderment at who she was speaking to.
They finally reached their destination her home, she still lived with her parents on the sea shores of fishing community. she has hopes of marrying and moving out of her common surroundings,Lee has the same aspirations since he also still live's with his parents but much farther away in the big town of Mandelbrot. Lee helps her out the car and takes some of the grocery and walks up the sandy road half way to her house. He looks at her hinting at a kiss leaning forward, she instead simply kisses her fingers and places it on his lips he walks away in the oposite direction from were he came satisfied with that and generally happy with the situation for that brief moment in time.
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