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by Mica
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A short story and lesson on being satisfied with what you have.
Once upon a time in a far away land there lived a young boy named Aiden. He grew up with his father and two younger sisters in a house made of bamboo shoots, banana leaves and vines and he had clothes made of grass. Each day he would pile up different kinds of wood he found and collected, and everything he had was made of lumber, trees or plants of all kinds. He lived in a forest by the sea his entire life and he and his family had their own remote island where no one else lived there but them, aside from monkeys, chickens, birds, hedgehogs and boars.

One hot afternoon while harvesting fruits and vegetables, Aiden was not contented and was furious by how he lived. He wanted more, more, and more than what he had. He went deep into the woods, sat under a tree crying, and he shouted at his God and demanded, "I hate my life! I wish there were more like us!" So he packed some of the fruits that he gathered, built a raft of his own, and set sail, left his own family, eager to search for more of his kind. It was already getting dark and he reached an island that looked exactly like where he came from. He walked and searched everywhere but everything looked exactly the same way. He sat under a tree to eat and rest when suddenly he heard footsteps behind him. He stood up and turned around quickly, and to his surprise, though a little bizarre, he saw a boy, who looked like him, of his height, walking, and picking up piles of wood. He walked towards the boy with so much delight and excitement and asked his name, and the boy answered with a smile, "Hi! My name is Aiden."
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