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The history of why Terratessa created dogs. (As recorded by Terrano)
Terratessa created dogs to be the companions and protectors of the Keepers. This was done after the first Keepers were turned Malorian, but before Siyens were created. The original intent behind their creation has been long forgotten by everyone, except the packs that ran in the southern regions of the Eastern continent - Terressa.

It is true, Terratessa modeled her dogs after the wolves created by Malough, for though those she had turned Terressan had most of the qualities she had in mind for her ideal companions for the Keepers. She found wolves could never quite be completely tamed, and most lacked the loyalty and unquestioning love that she sought. (There are a few notable exceptions, such as Kumar of the Cernaah.) Thus she turned her energies of creation to the dogs, making them in all different sizes and colors, some with specialized abilities to suit their Keeper's needs. The heightened senses of hearing and smell, strength, and ability to fight she kept, adding the mentality of an obedient yet nurturing servant. Her ultimate purpose was to give the Keepers the dogs as protectors and warriors against the Malorian creatures that were now populating Terressa.

The dogs were received as gifts of great honor by the Keepers, the first crennas that they looked after, who looked after them in turn. The dogs were also the first creatures Terratessa created with telepathic abilities, however rudimentary, allowing them to know the emotions of their Keepers, and sense danger approaching.

In the beginning, and for hundreds of years, the dogs and their masters worked together as equals, and their friendships were mutually beneficial. The dogs provided protection and in turn had a warm place to sleep and plenty to eat; the Keepers (and later the Siyens) felt safer and always had a trustworthy and sympathetic ear to turn to.

After the battle between Malough and Terratessa, the first war between the Malorians and Terressans ensued. The Keepers became less concerned for the well being of the dogs, and though some of them remained loyal, many chose to leave the settlements and form packs to fend for themselves.

When the Keepers realized that their protectors were abandoning them, they resorted to chaining the beasts to their yards, or otherwise abusing them in order to force them to stay. Eventually the only dogs left were those who lived with Siyens (and those with Siyen in their blood mix), those who could not comprehend of a life away from the Keepers, and those who could not defend themselves from the Malorians.

The free roaming packs mainly fled to the southern regions of Terressa, where there were no Keepers. They worked together to fight off Malorian creatures invading their lands. They did not completely abandon the Keepers, for their efforts in the south prevented a large number of the evil creatures from migrating north to where the most populous areas were.

So goes the story of how the Keepers were given, and how they lost, their best friends.

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