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Poem about my life in my current-set.
Thank-you, whomever, for,
Whatever, I'm sure,
I'm cataclysmic, I throw cysts,
It's in incessent innuendo,
To live, funny 'aint it?
Laugh boy, this world is fucking grand,
It's obelesic and austentatious,
So it's ok to scream at each-other,
I never loved you,
Because I said I always could,
I'll never eat again, real food it can kill me,
I am crippled and weak,
I'm crawling almost,
Really a dull drudge,
And while you're upside-down,
Know that the night,
May walk with me when it pleases,
I love it almost like you,
Some-times, I may never see it,
Because I will be sleeping,
And never be with you,
For you are so 'awakened'.
This may be a good life,
I believe we are still learning.

For you, I will fall.
I would break-off my teeth.
Have belief in myself,
For once, so,
I hope you may help me,
It's what I always say,
When you just breath,
Even when I enjoy my life,
I miss, many, many, things.
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