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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #1436080
who cares if it was dark and stormy or not, this is sure to make you laugh
it was a dark and stormy night...... ok, fine it was dusk and it was just drizzling. but can you blame a girl for trying to be creative? i mean, i've been wanting to write that ever since Mr. robot, our robotic teacher, read us an old story from the twenty-first century. well, back to the story. it was a dark and stormy night (aw, be quiet) when a loud THUMP came from outside my window. i hid under my covers (i'm a chicken, so what?) there were no more THUMPs so i cautiously poked my head out from under my covers. there were no scary shadows coming from my window, so i swung my legs over the side of my bed and cautiously peeked out the window. i saw a vaguely humanoid shadow, and decided to investigate. i walked over to my dresser, pulled out a pair of jeans, and calmly put them on. but first, i fainted. i also put on my shirt, in case you're wondering. i tiptoed over the carpet to the hallway, down the stairs, and through the back door. i saw the shadow a ways down the hill our house was on, and ran as fast as i could while being quiet towards it. i followed it down to and through the village square, all the way to Nargly's house. the shadow knocked on the door KNOCK KNOCKONCKNOCK NOCK NOCK  NOCK  NOCK the robotic door said P A S S W O R D and the shadow shouted "sally sells seashells by the seashore" really fast. applaud mates. i just did a tongue twister. i crept up to the door, knocked in the same pattern as the shadow had, and when the door said P A S S W O R D, i shouted "sally sells seashells by the seashore" really fast, and the door opened. i walked in hoping to solve the mystery, when i saw a note on the floor; "plathaguren, Nargly's out of town this weekend. come to her house instead of mine, the family might hear." plathaguren, plathaguren, where have i heard that name before? well, lets see, on the bingbog, there was a theif by that name, the delicatessan owners name is plathaguren, and Molowa's forbidden tramp goes by that name. Molowa is my sister. i think it was either the first, or the third one, so i crept cautiously into the next room. is saw two shadows and heard kissing. i immediately flipped n the light, and i saw plathaguren, Molowa's tramp, and Malowa sitting on the couch and making out! Malowa shrieked when she saw me, and plathaguren whipped out a nkife when she did so. i screamed when i saw the nkife. he dropped the nkife when he saw me, and shouted "what on world are you doing here?!?" , i told him i followed a shadow from our house through the drizzly night, after it woke me up with a THUMP!
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