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This is a little bit about myself.

My name is Kristen, I'm twenty-six yrs old and I live in South Carolina.  I had an identical twin sister, Karen, who was a stillborn.  I have an older brother and sister.  I was born with a born defect called Hyrdocephalus, aka "Water on the brain".  I've had nine surgeries with only two complications to date.  School was difficult because of the teasing and basic overall hard times.  I was the only kid in the entire school district with this health problem and no one knew how to ask me any questions about it!
I couldn't believe it! It was hurtful to be teased so much and it almost got me killed!  The teachers weren't helpful either and I believe it's because they had no knowledge of the condition and therefore no training to deal with it properly.  I tried going to college and the difficulities were too much for me to handle.  Although I did attend Barbizon Modeling & Acting School and it's helped me in a much better way.  I finally figured out a way to spread the knowledge that I have of this condition to raise awareness and with hope, classes to teach people about Hydrocephalus.
For in United States, one out of every five hundred newborns are diagnosed with Hydro.  Everywhere else, it's one out of every two thousand newborns.  The only other person who has Hydro, is Billy Graham, the preacher.

If anyone is interested in learning more about Hydro, email me.  I have plenty of information to share with everybody!

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