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a short poem about dance I wrote last year
The Entertainer

Step, shuffle, shuffle, ball-change, step, step, step
A time step only temporarily tames this twirly, taunting, twinkling
Tune of “Sing, Sing, Sing”.
Surrounded by nothing but the soles of your own shoes
You are only an Entertainer.

You have reached your own world.
Lights are suppressing you like a high-strung force attracted by your skills.
From that moment you lose yourself.
A blank stage with white lights bound to you.
And the music stops.

The long, enduring silence acts as a lion approaching it’s pray.
Harsh, sweating hours sealed into one minute.
The clapping and roaring of a satisfied king on his throne
Corrupts your world as it comes tumbling down.
You are only an Entertainer.

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