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Just another poem, a bit sad I suppose

I did not ask you to watch over me,
Nor have I ever asked for you to even care.

I did not ask for your kindness nor for your love,
And yet, both filled your heart, and are still there.

I did not ask for forgiveness, for I was not wrong,
Nor did I ask for the comfort you have given without end.

I did not ask for you to touch me nor hold me,
And yet, there you were… trying to just be a friend.

I never told you I was sorry, for the tears you have cried,
Nor have I told you how thankful I am to have you by my side.

When I said that I did not need you nor wanted you near,
I never realized that I had hurt you and for that I live in fear.

It pains me to see you this way, and I hope you understand,
That I did want you by my side; I wanted you to hold my hand.

It is too late now; I know I have missed my chance.
And to think, I never did ask you for that last dance.

When you were taken from me, I realized how much I would miss,
Everything from you humming “Over the Rainbow” to your soft, simple kiss.

So now, I stand here in front of you, and yes, the tears are real.
I ask for you to watch over me… watch carefully for this is rare.

I ask you to remember me as more than man that could not accept your love,
But as a man that simply was confused but was thankful you were there.

And I am sorry… I’ve been sorry since the moment I lied.
I’ve always loved you, I just never knew until part of me left when you died.

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