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I wrote this for 4provinces and my Campfire.
Christmas season.
Snow, cold, Santa-
Presents, love, family-
and oh the memories!

Summers with my grandparents,
Fairs, Country Music Shows,
Going to church with my grandma.
Riding the tractor with grandpa.

Memories of airplanes,
Dad was in the Air Force-
Off to Viet Nam he went for-
three tours of duty.

Dad flew planes,
Mom made friends with-
other Air Force wives.
I, too made friends and went to school.

Autumn, winter, spring and fall.
Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.
Seasons and holidays come and go.
Memories are forever.

My grandparents are gone.
My son is married.
My husband and I are happy.
I scrapbook, write and cherish everyday.

Why I Love Autumn and Fall

I love autumn and fall,
I love how leaves change color
and the air is chilly but it gives you-
a calm, nice feeling, makes you smile.

Summer has left, we feel it.
The trees have red and orange leaves.
Pumpkins grow along the vines.
I love the orange colors but give me a white pumpkin!

Orange and white pumpkins by my door,
The wind is blowing and I feel some rain drops.
Oh! Did I hear autumn fairies giggling?
Is she hiding behind one of the pumpkins?

A black cat sits by an orange pumpkin,
Halloween will soon be here.
Children dressed in fun, scary costumes-
a excuse to eat candy as you say it for" goblins"

A full moon in the woods gives an eerie cast,
Dark clouds cover the moon for a little while,
Autumn nights, bon fires make the chilly air-
seem comfortable and calm.

Autumn and fall.
The weather is just a little chilly,
The beautiful colors, a little rain-
I wish autumn and fall could stay all winter long.

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