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by smithy
Rated: E · Poetry · Nature · #1451587
Written for contest - Mother Nature, is she happy with mankind?

I lent you my body, so you could grow.
Lent stone for your home and wood for your bow.

You poked then you dug, then mined underground.
You cut or pulled down, then burned all around.

You pollute the sea, the earth and the sky.
Infect yourselves and make millions die.

‘You want it?  Use it!  We know there’s much more’.
Mankind’s old motto, but now you’re not sure.

You start to see that it’s no one way street.
‘Only bones left’, when you eat all the meat.

You parasites drain the life out of me.
When there’s no more, then we’ll all cease to be.

With all my forces I have to attack!
Do all I can to get you off my back!

I’ll raise up the oceans. Drown all your crops.
I’ll call up my storms until this all stops.

Drought, plague and pestilence, they’re on my side.
I’ll unleash them till I turn back the tide.

You started this fight, so just bring it on!
I will recover when you are all gone.

We’ve done this before.  We’ll do it again.
Have you not learned that this World’s my domain?

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