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being out west a horses point of view.
I was born in the old western times and well that wasn't the easiest time especailly if you were a horse. I mean your rider always jabs you in the sides yelling at you to go faster or they'll get away. My dream life! Not! I always wanted to be a show horse but no I had to be he sherif's old horse Jack which was short for Jack Daniels. I must mention that, that is a horrible name for a horse.

I guess it was a really hot day cause I was sweating like a wooly mammoth on a hot August day. Didn't help that the sherif kept making me run. His excuse was to get me in shape. I was already as lean as a steak! Anyway, it was the robbery of the decade and sherif was a yellin' at me to get up. I was running as fast as I could go. Jessie Andrews was in town again. Last time I was running with glass in my hoof. It was healed now but it still hurt sometimes. She had come back to get Julie Fence's gold. Julie owned Jazz a beautiful flaxen mare. She was an angel sent from... Huh? Oh sorry. Um, anyway we were off to the saloon first. One of Jessie's men got into a fight and it ended in a shoot out. No one won that one! Sheirf's girl got into the middle of it and stopped it real fast. My sides were very sore and bleeding from the old man's spurs and we weren't even at the corner yet. Just around the corner though was Julie's enormous ranch. Jessie was far a head of us and had her revolver out ready to shot the poor patrolman out side the gates. We were just a little too late to save them, but we were on time to stop her from getting away again with Julie's gold.

"Hey there now you don't want to be going about that now do ya?"the old man said, blocking her way.

"Ha! You wish, now get out of the way before I shot ya!" Jessie said. This was a girl to reckon with.

"Now you know your not gonna get away twice don't you. I've got the streets blocked and all of my best men are lined up out side these gates. Think you can get away now?"

"I don't think, I know!" she grabbed her gun, but sherif got to his first and shot her hand. She caught the revolver with her other hand and shot my leg. Luckily it was just a nick but I went full out and fell. I mean it did hurt. Acting as though I couldn't get up again, I laid there and waited for it to be over. Sherif called something out and four of his best men came up behind him and roped Jessie's horse and roped her.

"Hey! You can't do that!" she shrieked. They took her away and once she was gone I stood up and gave myself a shake. It hurt a bit to put too much pressure on my foot but I limped over to the sherif and nudged him in the arm. I remember like it was yesturday for the first time he took off his spurs and threw his whip away. I was very happy and we walked home. That night he slept by my side in the barn and he never used spurs or a whip again, he just asked me to run.
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