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The fruit of action comes to those who act.

Shall I sit on the shore afraid to swim?
Why simply watch with awe the gushing waves?
Shall my desire to surf remain a whim
Of someone who is afraid but yet craves?

For how long shall I harbor a vain hope
That magic would somehow show on its own?
But wishful thinking has in life no scope.
Why should I, towards reveries, be prone?

Those only get the prize who dare and dive,
Not those who dream of pearls, basking on shore.
Of honey, full in winter is the hive,
‘Cause bees gathered in summer nectar pure.

Be up and running, don’t waste a moment.
None knows when he will quit mortal raiment.

• Initially written as entry 423172 in the book FAITH, NATURE & INSPIRATIONAL, "FAITH, NATURE & INSPIRATIONAL. Posted as the present static item on 20 July 2008.

M C Gupta
3 May 2006
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