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My prayers for whatever matters most.
1) Time and again I try to transcend the sin of this transmutable self, and it is only my weakness of self will, perplexing, for also being a mystical skill (father let thy own will be done?) that torments my endeavor so far as I (ego) know. Heaven if I may I would request that you guide me in your way of perfect balance and measure so that I might divinely grow to know your glory and show to your creation all that God is as God lives and forever beyond chronological measure does control the incarnate as gently as a child does grow and as viciously as the desert sun can glow. By the will of all that is within me make it so. Amen Elohim Amen.

2) Bleeding hearts like swelled rivers in a constant and steady downpour, My Lord, My Lady, your delight is the passion of plight overcome, for hope, of love and life renewed. All I have pursued is that magic which keeps us imbued with the grace of the Holy One within we. Majesty, Majesty, Majesty, blessed be the trinity that reveals to all the wonder of self same as self, set free from ego with the simplicity of understanding that we encourage whatever comes to be to be. The one and infinite mystery; why are we so humble when graced by such knowledge of divinity?

Amen I say Amen for God is with thee but belongs to no one alone, for only the will of divinity can guide the masses home. Not a one shall forever roam for the Shepperd is forever the Messiah who works diligently for the Highest Will and anything that seems hopeless this blessed love light can heal and that is what is real. Hope. Amen, Elohim, Amen.

3) Holy Lord of Host, God of endless plenty,Titans tremble with faithful fear in awe of thee despite their numbers being so many, while Olympians celebrate only your divinity by being the archetypal memory of thee in we, our God of boundless mercy and infinities mastery. Maker and sustain-er I ask of thee to bless us to see with eyes and hear with ears that are fitted to be of service to thee in what can only be your humble humanity. Christ be with us. Amen.

4) All the Kings Horses Prayer

Paramatman, Paramatman, Paramatman, search out the rightness of Lord Ganesas to nourish all the seeds of my every deed in my every past. Give me right justice now and make of me one who is free from my debt and my debtors so that this cyclonic frenzy of perpetual hell will not last past me breathing my last. St Michael lord of scales, he who does balance to judge; remove from reality my every Karmic stain, neither here nor their, inside or out let there remain any grudge. Pure white in my light shine now and forevermore, release me from this overwhelming mixture of ignorance abandoning radiance for the wealth of the faithless whore. Father help me endure, and totally adore, my suffering in total measure for freedom from me is the only way that I will finally know of heavens pleasure. May I adore all the more. Amen Elohim Amen. And it has been.

5) Painful Memories.

By the will of the Father, Son and Spirit
I command thee to forgive wicked old heart and mind of mine
You have been instructed wisely by all religious and philosophical teaching to do so
For your journey has not been one that is worldly
But has always been one of Gods Mind
And what can define the sublime,
The Holy Ghost incarnate.
Now Climb
Above all of the petty despair, turmoil and pain
The world like the body is but a shell
Never get lost in that which is solely vain
Gods disdain and testing prison
Refrain Focus
Tame your being
Your only dictate is Gods will
Never give the devil a throne
For the master of cause and effect will try to kill
Your freedom
Your soul
Defeat him in the name of Jesus
And let you love light show
By the will of God make it so.

6) Blessed Father God in heaven, Holy is your every name, Nothing in thee is profane or impure, You are divinity in all, In all you are the same. Unevolutionary perfection, Omniscience, Transcendence above all worldly law, The law of all matters its self, The wealth of heaven and Earth, The holy spirits singing call. Become fully the awareness of me, Infuse totally with yourself my mind, body and soul, Unlock the doors of Revelations, In me and from me eternally grow. May all the sparks of your grace dance with jubilation, Children born only onto thee and so never born again, Life inside of life abound, Free from ignorance and sin. Bless the whole of your creation to grow closer to you in sacred and holy childlike dance, May every heart be fulfilled by your cosmic plenty, And may no soul be left to chance. Fulfill all the dreams of your dreamers who urged all to grow into your one, Fulfill your earth image so as I am, And the mission of your most beloved only son. And in Christ name it has become, Amen.

7) Blessed be divinity that ye forgive me of the sexual immorality that I have committed against your glorious I am, I have grieved so for giving my flesh to those whom I had no desire to commit or express love to, and seek pity for being less then a perfect man. Hold me in your hand before placing my soul on the scales and know the weak feebleness that is the mind and flesh. My heart has loved quite a great deal but alas I break when put to the test, though I try my best to perfect the transmission of this love bleeding in my chest. Forgive me beloved, you who are all that is holy; please love me none the less, for I am, and am a man seeking peace in eternal rest. Amen Elohim Amen.

8) In between, In between, twilight transcendence betwixt, transfixed upon, and eclipsed by the radiance in nature as seen through the eyes of a child. Her husband is her father, son, and herself; no physical image may ever cloud her divinity in he or he in she, brothers and sisters of Gods grand humanity. Ardhanarisvara, Ardhanarisvara make it be for she is as he and they are in all of we by ordinance of divine will; Mother, Father, Father, Mother all is all and right to feel the God self beneath the flesh, pounding so divinely beneath the breast and dreaming as a slumbering babe through every moment of life. May they never know strife, may we never know strife, and only delight in all that God is. Amen Elohim Amen. And it is.

9) Against Enemies

Is your name Bless me and keep me safe heavenly father
For my enemies know not of holy shame,
Nor care to refrain From making a mockery of your divinity In all that is humanity.
I beg of thee,
Bless your holy name

I am,
I know your will;
Earnestly I desire to see your face.
My enemies care for only their own glory,
Allow for this time your love of them;
For I know it is;
To be erased,
Until they better understand your working and law.
Give unto them trial and tribulation Father
Until the wickedness in their hearts does call
Upon only your holy grace.
May it be Amen.

Protect and keep me father God
I call upon your name
You are in I
As I am in thee
And we are one and the same

And it will be that my enemies shall see
The wrath of true divinity
Amen Elohim

10) An American Saint.

Most blessed and beloved of heavenly host
Lord and Father of all that is, was, and shall be
To you I now willingly bow prostrate With faith that you will hear my plea, May it be

As a son without a father worthy of your good grace, I resemble the widow made a whore, the epitome of cultural disgrace.
As a child without a mother who cares to instill your wisdom, understanding and law, I am as an orphan begging you for remedy, Father adopt me and forgive it all.

For I am as so many other children,
In their hearts, I know, Lives my pain.
And as once I did for myself; I pray that they find hope enough to escape all of their sufferings, By living rightly through your holy name.
Bless them father to see
That they are part of all.
The glory behind your "I am"
The covenant promise
And divine law.
Give them all a child requires
From the mercy that is your hand
Love and truly guide them
to a life free of the misery
So often caused by the ignorance in their fellow man.
Bless them father Please love them father
For as is your will
I am
A prayer. Amen.

11) A Whores Diamond Sermon.

Through the self we serve as slaves, through selflessness we are freed, let the self serve reality and not the limited I so that the self will be liberated into the all that is which is all that gives the self a reason for being, and in consideration of the limited I, a greater reason for not being. Amen-Ra Elohim Amen.

Christ offers thee freedom from sin that exist by virtue of animal nature in the heart of every human, this freedom is a baptismal cleansing that frees thee from the desires of the limited and worldly I which seeks only self gratification and serves only the animal graven image in humanity like worshiping a golden calf. Once you are cleansed you will have no desire and will be free to serve the whole of Gods creation as you in truth are best suited, but be warned, though you are free from sin you are not free from karma until you truly transcend and as the world dictates you must pay for what the world considers your crimes; even Paul found himself in prison like Christ earned himself a cross. Liberation from "crime" exist in faith; though the world condemns, my faith counter condemns and sets me free to continue to be as the Lord of all creation dictates. Neither small nor large, neither this nor that, I am a moment in time moving into the next moment. Attempting to teach and to benefit every moment that is as best as I can, is all that I am and can be, my life is offered to reality to be what ever it is that reality does see and this is my lesson to thee; I am and will be NO THING and yet will be until the manifest has no more need for me; the same is true for all of we. Amen

You think and yet your thoughts are not your own, but are the Holy spirit that is thee expressing its self to creation through the medium of what you only seem to be; a self. All that is painful all that harms thee is a lesson to all of we about the obligation presented to us from the beginning about respecting God in all of what was, is, and shall come to be, a Holy chronological trinity that must be closely observed analytically for benefit of liberating we into divinity. An obligation, thus the implementation of laws, ethics, virtues, commandments, morals, dogma and true freedom of these through evolving Faith as each lesson is learned and the Spirit of God is burned into the psyche. May only the truth of every matter grow within thee. Amen.

A young man once said to me "you are not that, that is just were you are right now in reality" No Thing more true than this could be, although seemingly a paradox it is the truth of all of we, for as extensions of Gods glory we can not limit God by being its willed manifestation in any way realistically for as God wills it will be and that is all. Ask when you look at me or any other person "what is Gods message to me about its self in thee" and you liberate your self by seeking to find, and remain a peace keeper by judging not but only contemplate the divine in all that is and lives. Amen Elohim Amen.

And life always gives as it lives. A tongue like a double edged sword and the Lady of the Lake. Spirit war is a war for peace, practice and contemplate so as not to hate the eternal war that must be for benefit of all of Gods great majesty. Meditate to mediate and transcend the war to fight it. Mans judgement is never the infinite true and this truth is defined by the limited I that is with the life that lives always for benefit of transmission. Amen, Elohim, Amen.

12) Luke 1 and the Spirit of Parenting and Being a Child Universally.

Become the divine image of these holy parents of John and Christ and how to heal your self and your parents for any shortcoming.

The truth of holy service is in honoring thy Father and thy Mother. That Holy state of being imbued with the Holy Spirit that emanates from your parents the moment you are acknowledged as becoming and being all the way through your life; being saturated by the beating of their hearts, and your bleeding the blood that boiled through their veins is your and your child's purpose made magnificent through your freedom of will. If any darkness exist in a child's Karma it will be acknowledgable in the spirit of the parents. If this is so it must be known that the child's free will may moment by moment if it must, and if it is willed, defeat any negativity in the Karma of the gracious situation and event; the child being born. On the surface not all children seem to be so fortunate as John and Christ though in truth they are; thus the purpose of this piece and its link to Karma, for all children are God at work in the life of the world and work for God. May your life work be your will empowered by divinity. Amen.

A prayer.

The truth of holy service, Honoring thy father and thy mother is in being imbued with the holy spirit all the way through. Saturated Father by the beating of their hearts I am bleeding the blood that boiled in their veins and I see that this is my purpose in light of the fact that I should be doing for us all what you would have me do. My own free will shall be submissive to you for I know that you will defeat any shadows that may exist. The exodus Freed all from the path of the slave and so for freedom from any negative Karma I offer thee this; my whole self from the blood of my parents to this current state of health. Educate me and bless me with your kiss. Father please accept this. Amen.

13) By dictate of simple truth is the best way to conduct yourself in association with reality when you do not understand an aspect of it. Be honest and say that I do not understand and therefor I can not judge... example... " Judge not lest ye be judged first and in the same measure with which ye judge" for to judge what you do not understand makes your judgement a matter of confusion for your victim and you a victim of yourself because you limit your ability to grow through understanding. Universal dynamics are quite complex and by no means a simple subject to study and master, growth here demands that you maintain behavioral self control for benefit of reality while suffering the yoke of the mystics mentality (straight and narrow behaviors broad and open mind?) until that yoke is made lite (light) and a liberating portent in the environment for all others who meet and associate with you " My yoke is Lite (light)" otherwise you fall short of the glory of "resurrection" or "liberation" (co-beneficial Ideals?) because the story of the master has not unfolded within you. May all that the Lord Jesus Christ is become you. Amen Elohim Amen.

The church is a graven image it is not you and so it is not Christ; "to thine own self be true" and do what the unfolding Christ within thee begs of thee to do, liberate do not condemn, and conduct thine own self with the right balance of intellectual measure and rule, wile remaining open to new data as if though you are forever the holy fool unfolding to become for God all that is true. Unconvicting measure and rule. Amen

14) Gracious Athena, virgin mother of wisdom and justice for all of human kind, bless my eyes and ears with the truth of every question and matter, and may no lie or deceit state claim to my mind, for I have been lost and despairing, Needing the patronage of one who can save me and set me free, Athena, Athena, Athena hear my plea for I know truly that it is thee, where all else has failed Athena Queen of heaven liberate me. Amen.

15) It is so strange how random thoughts can influence your karma, they come and go without reason, rhyme or direction, influencing your behavior and actions according to the stimulus that they are and become; environmentally unprovoked emotional impulse. Where do they lead, these phantoms of reality; some memories some fantasies all empowered by an emotional response that matches their tone and nature rightly. Overwhelming, they influence reality despite the logical and reasoning faculties of the individual they plaque. Example... Welcome to hell, I would have been wise to have ended your lives years ago Nick, Jimmy, John; then I would only have to seek forgiveness for my own crimes (killing you) not yours as well (Rape). Though I can not forgive, if the Homosexual community could permit, I may say you are at least justified because nothing more can be said of Homosexuals, but then I must be removed from the equation somehow because I am nothing like you and a homosexual myself...Paradox; should I destroy myself for you, or finally seek out justice that I can now, even legally, get by only my own hand. Forgiveness belongs to Christ I am just a person I am not obligated to forgive or let go nor shall I. Someday I promise I will free myself from this pain with justice, wait and see you disgusting @!$%#ing whores.

16) Athena blesses thee to see that love is a living demand of only the young and foolhardy, compassion is a gift given to those who live and work from ignorance, wisdom is respect and so shall forever be respected as surely as Athena stands upright in heaven. The only worthwhile human is one who serves her and is as she is, chaste, self disciplined, virtuous, thoughtful, fully educated and enlightened; always striving for the greatest good in spite of any and all adversity and fully respectful of communal interrelation universally. May all hearts be purified by Athenas grace and infinite knowing, she is the very value of your life and blood lines, all that has been transmitted and retained historically is her heart and most generous offering to humanity. Know that glory is desired by only the barbarous; with her civilization is sheltered, rightly protected, and fully glorified as she is glorified. Humble persons prosper for loving her as wisdom is humility embraced and empowered, may Athena empower thee rightly. In Athenas name may all be and become an Athenian humanity. To the greatest heights may all transcend. Hale Athena the savior. All Human, Elohim, Amen.

17) Blessed be Athena, Goddess of Gods Head, Mistress of revelations and realizations, The very grace of divinity for the living and the dead, Divine mother of all that is worthy, Holy is her name, Virgin Mother, Bride and daughter, In spite of rape and shame, The crown of all that is civilized, Holy beyond measure, To be graced by the love of thee heavens only daughter, Would be my greatest pleasure and treasure, Fill me with your spirit, May I know of such great strength, Make of me a rival against all of your enemies, Replace my own ego with what you think, For nothing could be greater then to stand upright for you, Only mother that is worth while, May all of my blessings be to you, And make of me your child, Yes Mother please become me, Make your strength be all that I am, For nothing stands higher then thee Athena, Mistress and master of my hearts hearth, And all the of land. Amen Elohim Amen.

18)If I were to think of going to the Catholic faith to escape the trivial, petty and vain world I am now engrossed in would I be spiritually upright? I think not. Truly, once upon a time, I had different motives; genuine respect for the good works done by the church and an honest desire to participate once drove me and inspired me. Now, I think, after years of living amongst the people that I have lived not only with but as, I find that freedom from them and their mentalities may be a more potent driving force than God and service to his people. How genuinely holistic could this motive be? Granted my absolute inability to consciously fathom and understand God always left him as the secondary motive, although I do love to think of the subject it remains beyond me; my primary reason however, if it is not knowledge of God, should at least be service to people not freedom from them right? How do I get my right motive back? Any ideas? How do I get my heart back to what it used to be? I really don't know?

Nothing in this is meant to be offensive it just appears to be true from were I'm standing.

19) WE seem to go running to heaven in time of selfish need so often and habitually that we forget to remind ourselves and others to seek out heavens aid for individual and communal peace that, according to most all spiritual doctrine, is a requirement for religious and spiritual development? All that is lives and breaths the metaphysical; modern education has allowed us the chance to know and learn all that is genuinely enough that we should be at home everywhere and with everyone. Why are we then so easily discontented sociologically? What stones have been left unturned by the majority of the individuals in our community? How can any man be a stranger?

May my own shortcomings, failures and lacking in this matter never be or become the debilitation of any other person. Father answer our prayers for peace and may this glory of yours come upon your humanity in great measure for "Blessed are the peace keepers."May we all be a blessing to you father. Amen.

20) Paradox. I am homeless and at home in America?
I am free with obligations in America?
I have the freedom of speech but must be mindful of what I say?
I have the freedom to choose but Christ is the only way?
There exist a separation of church and state but marriages is the priority of both?

21) My Way Is The Wrong Way?

By holding unto the pain and the memories, I hold unto you to. Its a common mistake I'm sure, to allot any value or importance to you. But I think that's all any human can do. If not a person, then, silver or gold, cars and cellphones, young and old. We give value to all things and that's how every story is told. In terms of worth, my story is strange.

22) Justice, Justice come again, make all of my history as though it never had been. You know of whom I speak when I say; that it is against these past encounters and their effects on my person that I now pray. Vindictive, cruel, spitefulness go away, fade slowly into a night eternal never to know the light of day. Self loving, self glorification you are forever the past, you offered instead of blessings only curses and for this you should suffer hell until your last. Defensive self righteousness that has caused so many pain, your life forever is void of truth so preach your falsehoods to only deaf ears; totally in vain. Murderous madmen you are all one and the same, you delight in the rape of the innocent and so should suffer rape the same. By the will of every divine name, be consumed totally by your wretchedness and consume your right amount of blame. Great and holy spirit do not in any sense refrain. To Glories highest name. Amen Elohim Amen. And it is.

23) Christ and Karma

Christ forgives the seven sins that live naturally in the heart with love and compassion, freeing you from your karma, for it is the heart and mindless subservience to its (also natural) wickedness that generates karma when ignorantly you act on impulse. Be minded that love and compassion are fleeting themselves (as are all of the foolish hearts impulses); without self control empowered by knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. You will become the victim of your baser human impulses, that, once acted upon, influence the worldly karmic matrix in an unrepairable way, if you fail to grow from the guidance always present and available to you via the historic transmission from every cultures religious teachers. Remember Christ wanted no kingdom of the world(the church; Holy Roman Empire and other crap), this was the devil tempting and taunting. Christ wanted all to know the heaven that is present at all times everywhere, thus, no dogmatic fear should be known in staying on the straight and narrow which is more a behavioral dictation than a rigid dogmatic religious decree. Have no fear in blending the teachings, they are all the One Father that is in heaven or no one has ever been a son of a culture. Which seems most likely?

Little wooden statue why can't I make your eyes bleed? Perhaps it is because I can not see who it is that looks up at me, and down on me, at all times simultaneously? Now what could this be, this magic that makes me go to being set free. Sinners, I say, sinners who could never be trusted, and tortured me mindlessly? Let it be? No; I pray justice come to see and judge the king that knighted Saint Anthony. May the makers will be the only future for me. I will never again try. Amen. And it has been. Amen. Make it be. For love of God as it is known and not. Revelations plot. Amen. Elohim. Amen. Set me free love of divinity. Amen.

23) Emotional Gods.

Rape and murder-----Sorrow and grief-----Balance is truth;-----Acknowledge discord-----To search for Temperance;-----To cure the thief.-----Olympian olives-----Magic-----Beleife.

The self remains the same-----Though the self has changed-----Worldliness does not define life-----Indeed,-----Psychics rearrange,-----The only matter is the mange-----That purifies the flesh-----At best-----In a worldly sense-----When eternally at rest.-----Riddle and test.-----At best?

Mother is not the madness-----Indeed we must value her more-----Nurture-----Maintain-----Substain-----Every cultures-----Very core.-----Indeed we should think to adore-----Earth a little more-----Humble I implore.-----All the more.

Sea and shore.


24) Being homeless has one good quality; a lot less to think about. Really I almost sleepwalk my life away. Is that Good? I don't know. Maybe.

25) Athenas Webs.

By the sunlight
Bonds of the finest silver are spun.
Making us two blessedly one.
Glitter and glisten in the moonlight
our golden bodies remain a delight.
Each embraced, by each absorbed
a most pleasant metamorphosis
mythic adored.
Translucent webbing made a home
our life and love forever known.
A masterpiece begged for; wanted,
by all.
Your heart delights in heeding my call.
For I can lullaby you into bliss
not one moment spared no love can be missed
especially one so grand as this.
do not dismiss
my love.
Amen Elohim

26)Third Eye.

Third eye embrace the sky
Bring heaven to earth
Tell us all why
Realms of myriad things exist
When unity is.
I am the life that gives
All that it lives;
Every moment made into one.
Just me
I am all that I can be Changing,
The cosmic fabric of reality.
The science of live,
Be, And become,
Experienced totally By this one human me.
Pure divinity
realized upon reflection
And alchemical selection
Of what I choose to set free.
Moment by moment.
Master of reality
Make it be

27) Man in the Middle.

Man is in the middle
The center of the universe.
Without a doubt it's true.
All else can be measured by him, by rule.
What can the physical manifestation outside of him do?
Be measured and understood
Nothing more.
Indeed only man can explore!
Only being capable of exploring
Realistically and logically,
As the center.

28) Simple Truth. Truthfully!

Embrace conviction,
Civilized source of inspiration
Towards progress
The only REALISTIC truth.
The Gnostic sheath is Malkuth,
Given life only via divine descent
Into it.
Confusion is the lords working in
"Mysterious Ways".
Making, of what we consider to be reality, A suitable offering to it As it.
Until the end of days.
The reason we are obligated to always "change our ways"
Whilst always being tormented with the question;
Only by living faithfully in the now.
Energy does vibrate from thee into creation beyond thine own ego will somehow.
Gods covenant promise in my life I have no choice but to allow.
A vow.
The mother cow?
Never have to question again.

29) Life after the Short Stick.

I got the short end of the stick
It really does kinda make me sick
That God and creation could do me so dirty.
I am in a hurry
My vision is getting blurry
And my belly aches with hunger.


Father I pray.
The spell of my way.
I pray for the day
To blessedly start,
That you will fill my heart
And mind
With the knowledge of the divine
That you are And are the maker of.
Your Justice and Love
Is what I pray down from the above
Your rainbow
Your dove
Your heart.

31) Can too.

Guess not
It is not at all what I thought
The darkness is still sitting there.
Well in your heart.
Christ please Christ were do we start.
Sacred self.
Living on a whim
Out on a limb
Escaping all false wealth.
Sacred self.

32) Crack Dealer.

I am going to kill a dealer.
The true crack whore
The stupid nigger
Who should have really thought
Before he thought to
"Trick out the white boy."
Life is not his toy
Know that what I do
I will do with joy.
Yes, I will be delighted To rip a stupid ape apart.
From the bottom of my heart I swear
This is the truth
The everywhere That is our home.
Let the black sheep roam
Unloved for unloving.

33) To Michael Anthony Martinez. With Love.

Remember not to waste your grace
May your time be plenty; I pray this true
But it is, alas, the curse of the face
That the body must do what nature rules it do.
Beyond this moment please cast your stare
And see what the future of all humans doth hold
To fully realize yourself so rare
And become a golden serpent grown bold.
Weary not for what you may consider
When your starry eyes become aged past your years
For your eyes will glow like stars past winter
And nourish reality with many heavenly tears.
Indeed your life is Godhood in your heart beating,
As all deceptions moment by moment are from you retreating.

34) Family of Mine. For Marcus Xavier

Embrace the true beauty of family
Brothers hold to brothers past scorn
In spite of reasoning through insanity
Blood for blood will always mourn.
Tis the blessings of the heart
That condemn all earthly, graven ways
As it was from that Edenic start
Son for mother as mother for son prays.
New seeds of life need not despair
Wisdom with me has always been
And so with you is all that's just and fair
Virtue blesses through us again.
Learning beyond a moments disdain
Is all that will keep thee healthy and sane.

35) Sorath et Tipheret est Ego.

Sorath et Tipheret est ego, lightning strikes down the worldly libido as the shimmering of pure light becomes the whole of me and as it is my will so make it be for humanity has need of truth and only this shall be empowered by me. Amen-Ra and Isis become the power of the world faith historically while the past ignorance of the masses falls far away from we, the total collective of humanity, who are striving to be what the highest will deems fit for we consciously; shimmer and shine the light of his holy mind, Amen. Again and Again and Again I allow the whole of creation in, to judge rightly what it thinks it knows determining what it is that grows as it sows to become the Kama that with all I must share, it is just, it is just and right and fair for it is what is and what is willed, Amen for it is only here that I may find the knowing and the faith that might help me transcend the boundaries of limitation and dictatorial legislation, Amen Elohim Amen. Sorath et Tipheret est Ego, Infinitely empowered by Ein-Sof to banish the worldly libido that condemns all of we to never acknowledge or see what it is that our own divine will might grow to be, the might of faith and magic is the mystery that dwells beyond this limited me that seeks after only the sociological respect that empowers worldly glory, Yeah as it is my will this shall never enslave me to the limitation of the other than heavenly Amen Elohim Amen. Moment by moment I become ever more free from sin Amen Elohim Amen.

36) Team Mate.

Not so long ago I had a conversation about friendship with another person and emphasised that the concept was above me; after all how can you accurately define what a "friend" is or dictate what a friend should be? We have set dictum for what a husband and wife should be, bosses, coworkers, republican and democrat but no standing law for friendship. Strange huh. Any thoughts?

37) Nephilim.

Narcissus indeed (cynically) none is higher then thee, all of this world revolves around you and you are the maker, master, and judge, of all of we who, with you, compose the whole collective of humanity.

Nay I do not taunt thee as ignorant, through compassion I may mean what I say. Someplace within you true there is the likeness of God and there must be a reason why It has allowed you to forget all wisdom and knowledge of all that is Its way, after all you taught Echo well and I still hear all she has to say.

When someone knows of nothing higher then the I, limitation consumes reality; the depths, the earth, the sky, until all becomes worthless to that individual one and humble humility becomes all that will allow it to fly.

Though I may laugh know that I pray for thee, for only the higher gets me by.

38) Definite Reality and Commonality.

Definite Reality and Commonality. Self, society, and nature karmicly; psycho-spiritualy, intertwined. Creating this moment, the God mind, that dreams a future as rightly as it was inspired to be by actions in moments past. My passion is the co- manifestor of the definite and yet undefined reality that encourages and embraces all of we as honestly as it is just us, or, what we perceive to be regardless of whats right and true. Is the sky really blue? Who am I to You? A mystery.

39) Heartfeltlovesong.

One rhythm so exquisite as this deserves only one word to describe its radiation; there is no such articulation so uncanny that it fits the feel real of the truth that is this enchantment. Passion and power tenderly mold the rampant throbs of this hearts breathing beating burning that in, and for just one moment, it seems, could stop the worlds perfect turning for benefit of a grander experience by far. Free from the scar that is the mundane world, the soul becomes jubilant for all shadows fall into hiding curled like cowards afraid of Life and Light; thus it is that we should delight in Rumis glance as rightly and innocently as birds taking flight through the clear blue. Do as the spirit beckons thee do and move into bliss with the lover chosen like a mindless fool, for even a heart broken is a heart living, and better used then one that stays safe and so stone cold that it has not to do. Yeah the soul can not be tolled for all is life wisdom like running waters nourishing who? Everybody. Amen Elohim Amen.

40) Subject Zero.

Universal ambiguity becoming all of me, we, and all; the angelic call of the highest council beckons thee home to never again roam for here is there as it is every where; Locality Zero. Come hither Hero and make Hercules cry, firefly delights in brightening up the night sky competing with the stars; as in Heaven so on Earth, so different from Mercury, Venus and Mars, for now, definite knowledge of our future is Zero, well wow. Perhaps that is wrong somehow, even stars will know of an end and all that is on earth will have to transcend into tranquility, for all that is must find a finish except perhaps this human collectives conscious ability, what our children will choose is theirs for I shall be Zero, my daydreaming nobility and singing hero, Zero.

41) Abnormal Nights.

Whoever wanted the hollowed responding of the Divine booming like thunder through the mind of one barely capable of saying "I am a man". Neither I, nor thee, nor him, nor her said Sam I am, leaving me to roam across the land looking for the duck of a man that could teach me to merrily be a family father kind of a friend to reality. I mean really who woulda thought that little boy hot to trot coulda caught himself a real reason for living past the giving away of all of his dignity. What would you have me be. Calmly I beg father forgive me.

42) I have.

I have always considered wisdom to exist as the feminine (passive) reality and understanding to exist as the masculine (active) reality. I have always thought of wisdom as being acquired via the lessons of severity and understanding to be the mercy inspired from these lessons, a wedding day some may say should look as I have described so why is Binah (understanding) affiliated with the feminine and severity while Hokhmah (wisdom) is affiliated with the masculine and mercy? This to me does not seem true to the nature of circumstance or in accord with gender reality. Can someone explain this to me?

43) Blah.

Terror prompts the natural counter reaction as children run for mothers protective disposition in vain; she herself is a victim of tragedy falling from the sky like rain as the wind howls the insane threat of no living life left. I'll get what I transmit for heaven in like manner does descend upon Earth with whats Karmicly fit via Jacobs ladder, vanity is worthless so there is, on heavens part, no attempt to flatter the flawed egos of this wretched race, humankind. Like in mind, like in mind, I am trained to find the reason for the crime committed by all against the holy bards rhyme for sake of the divine so I climb, I climb. Define, the stench of bodies making booze vomit a blessing and rival to the wonder of the wind chime that sings the melody of grace from place to place in appropriate time with circumstance or I-ching chance, a sacred dance that we prance on past. The Last.

44) Holy bride and Bridegroom Communism.

After the amending of the Constitution against Homosexual union, the destruction of the barrier that once existed between church and state, and the sociologically needed denial of liberties all the way across the board, it is obvious that the current Democracy in America is loosing its ability to satisfy the requirements of a governing agency. Slowly America is deteriorating into a state of anarchy in an unfortunate and haphazard manner; it is most obvious that if we do not, as a people, acknowledge the changes as they naturally take place and consciously adjust our mode of living to cater to them we will end up in the dark without a light and loose any sense of sure footing individually, sociologically and legislatively.

45) Communist America?

It is time to face the facts, Americas Democracy is rapidly burning to ash and Communism is the evolving trend of this, our time. Let us embrace the change while still fervently empowered by the former American ideals that once reigned and encourage the sociological matrix of Communism to grow to greater heights of efficiency then what it ever historically has. We need not fear loosing ourselves, we will always be Americas history, only the government stands to change. Remember what was stated about "God speaking through a Bush" when the time came to finally amend the Constitution against the American people and their striving for equality as "All men are created equal" thus encouraging a dramatic end to the era of the civil rights movement and the philosophical leadership of the constitution its self. The evolutionary direction is apparent, now the only question is; were to go with it. May we learn from our neighbors and make none of the same mistakes as they have, Amen.

46) Tao te Ching Observed? Philosophy or Mystery Teaching?

A mystical acknowledgement that effects the being in a manner that causes a philosophical type of self government to evolve in only those who might fathom so far, as to embrace the unlimited (Tao) and become the beneficiary of such wonderful karma as to humble the self before you are humiliated by easily acknowledged worldly and egotistical limitations?

47) Ecclesiastic Transmutation Prayer.

Heed the voice of the one who does cry from the wilderness, Holy, Holy, Holy, I sense on all levels that you are here but alas I seem so incapable of growing so near as I Desire, baptise me in your sacred hearts fire so that I might now of thy greatest glory; you. Ecclesiastic wisdom does dictate that all I am is vanity and you, master of all, will be my beautiful insanity until ego is no more and you are all that is; the maker and master of virgin and whore, yeah the only redemption, thee to which we all implore for the ever after and forever more. Forgive all arrogance and heed my call, deliver me from me unto thee most beloved, thee who is all that is and all that there is to adore; forevermore. Amen Elohim Amen.

48) My Homosexual Mental Stratum?

Extreme Narcissism? The glorification of the self through either domination of or submission to another member of the same gender?

The psychological retardation that disables ones ability to distinguish in between self and other, Woman and man?

Pure Vanity?

The love and worship of that which is only human, Worldly, And nothing more?

The wisdom of libido and its contribution to the development of the personality?

The Ardhanarisvara archetype?

As Solomon? Gods Bride? Gods Bridegroom? The unfair wisdom of domination and submission?

Multiple spirits or personalities?

What am I?

49) To be continued.

As a collective self their will always be these things that we have in common the heavens, the earth, a social body we have in common with all of our kinsmen and a self with which to encourage the development there of, thus we acknowledge a universal self; the wisdom of the shaman. Self thus can only adhere to self and still in due to our freedom to choose, our free will a god given blessing, we could be a tad more mindful of a common Karma that the self refuses to transcend for reason; Bodhisattva? Though the self is all Karma and above it? Mindfully be considerate until the self can loose itself to self, Christ teaches of Peace Keepers empowered by a discipline he encourages to be embraced for sake of the self the same as self and the life it might create for and with all, common sense. Alchemically we might be considered to be an evolutionary intelligence and an animal nature coexisting for the benefit of one and other, the sciences, a very considerate mentality, discipline?

50) Atman.

Indwelling totem free from taboo, the highest and greatest self, serving reality through what seems to be you mirage, the flesh the camouflage that renders ignorance, the enemy, a victim only to its self. Rape me, rob me, deprive me of all worldly wealth and with stealth you shall devise you own demise as cause and effect naturally dictate. Fate. Yeah what is there to hate when the lesser being that is of this world is but a tool, guide the guild only to liberate who? Call me the fool so holy and I will liken myself to you, then what shall we do? Only dance to music. Written for who by who? Psych one zero one Hegels Phenomenology of mind past that do as the Buddha would do. Be and let be. Cool.

51) Ten Commandments.

Living and yet empowered with a spirit of uncanny wisdom the ten commandments are not dictates alone but universal truths that must, for the sake of self and all humankind, be acknowledged.

I am the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the infinite and eternal that is beyond all limitation. I serve you expecting nothing more than that you always acknowledge me as the highest absolute and never reduce me, in any way, to the finite graven images that the world of myriad things encourages you to fathom, lest, your limitation becomes a barrier in between you and I, and you suffer for it. Taking this blessing of an acknowledgement to a vulgar place of vanity degrades my value to you and you to me, for communication between us becomes stifled. Never reduce me in yourself lest you should suffer your ignorance. Always take time out for Holy remembrance of me, though your labors are important as was my making thee? I made thee and encourage your healthy growth through wisdom and understanding; thus it is most important that you mind yourself to fathom my greatness to find and maintain a humble and innocent heart. Honor the wisdom handed down to thee from your ancestors for as I am with you so to was I there with your father, mother and all of humankind before them. I am responsible for all growth and development; knowing you history is akin to knowing me. Amen.

For the Benefit of yourself and all others you shall not cause discord by murdering, committing adultery, stealing, or bearing false witness as this is a lie to others for selfish benefit about my creation. For benefit of maintaining a peaceful heart and mind for the peace keepers are blessed you shall not covet what appears to belong to another for all is mine including the time span of your own life. Desire torments the being in a way that is unpleasant to me. Indeed mind me and keep my commandments to safeguard yourself, society and the natural world that is the provider of the things you foolishly believe you own. Amen, Elohim, Amen.

52) A Reason?

I need no reason for being as I am, know that my heart bleeds a natural, yes a divine desire to transcend the horrid mundane that all I have known has been caged within.

When will it begin, that rapture that releases the hurt of the hungry into this manifest reality, spawning the dawn of a new, and freedom from ignorance for me and all of you, my human kin?

Where I have been is every where that you are, and so far as I can tell we have yet to learn well enough to teach the light of the tarots star, hope.

The hermit knows that the path of least resistance is the torture of the Gnostic spark, diligence in the acquiring of wisdom is all that will imbue us with the far seeing eyes of our own, home grown, divinity and guide us past were we are and into the heaven we shall become, and through parallel symbalance may find that have always been.

Wisdom must be a practice and always becomes like Dogma; reminding us of our growth thus far. Embrace the gnosis of the ancients and follow well there path if it is that you wish to know who; and if lucky, why you are; a culture.

Amen Elohim Amen.

53)No Slave in the House.

No slave might stay in the house for the house of grace is built by the slave thus the slave shalt become it. All that is is all that gives and if it selfishly takes it takes only from the sacred self for benefit of material wealth. The thief would sell the pound of fragrant oil for petty wealth that could never glorify or honor the Most High never knowing the poverty that would come without heavens light shining just and fair, faithful and true. He betrays himself for the sake of worldly ignorance never fully realizing for happiness who it is that he really should magnify and look to. All that is given is all that is done and what is done by the righteous is what heaven demands that its own righteousness should do. One person is to be at home the other shall travel abroad yet all, if done to glorify the higher and done uprightly, is the Holy Honors most excellent tool. Pursue the truth of you shedding the old self, learning with the blessed spirit of the humble to glorify the divine you as and in you. Three vehicles of liberation Amen. Elohim. Amen. All true.

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