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pagan, witches, magick, life, the goddess and the god, mystery and the spaces in between

Whispering of thee heart, speaking of the thou soul, hearing that of your voice, the knowing of your flesh. Midnight sky roams high in the northern night.
Though the fae filled wood, where the circle meets land, where the water meets air, where hearts can play and where that of found souls join together.
Passage of dawn becomes you, spirit filled understanding in search of what is knowen.Treasured time, sought knowledge what in which has been seeked is forever found.
Opening my soul, letting the gifts of the goddess free without holding back I see that in which has been missing.
Animal spirit guides appear forth of me as I seek to know your ways and that of truth and light.
Truth and Justice are found within my very essence of life and knowing.
The calling in which has been set forth in motion, I’ve come to realize just what beholds my path. For the love of man as a race as a whole to be the keeper of faith and the holder of time and the seeker heart, I know that the good in which resides from heart, soul, flesh, and that of light can and will be restored in the race of man.
Words in which are spoken, my destiny waits. In perfect love In perfect trust, I know that this too shall come to pass.
For a moment darkness rules me, then I fall fastly into the light in which carries me forth for the new day has arose
Feeling your flesh beside as I lay here sleeping in your arms I know that my fate and that of destiny are just within reach. Faith and trust of all races has once more been rightly restored.
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