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Thoughts of a Rape victim up till the point of revelation
As I sit here in my body
I am cold with fear and anger

Remembering the happenings of the night before
My mind’s torn from my body
My heart is ripped from it place
I can feel the cold hands, keeping me trapped
Holding me back from my journey down life’s path
I’m unable to continue

My tears are like the rain
Blinding me, grounding me in one place
Clouding my judgement
Shutting out the world
Making me lonely and misunderstood
Leading to the mistreatment from those with whom I have to share

Taking this leap is the hardest
It may destroy me, but it’s the only way to fix it
The understanding eyes, their acts of sympathy
They calm my mind and soothe my soul
The chains have been broken

My warmth returns
Followed by my security and peace
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