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A fair description
We’re not even near it, and already we hear it
Wild rides, screams filling the air
Neon and spotlights, alluring, delightful!
The Fair! It’s so bright and Fair!

A ticket to park far away from the gate
Kids tugging parents to get there
The turnstile is turning, the hand stamper stamping
The Fair! Go in where it’s Fair!

The Fair! What a marvel this thing called The Fair!
Amusements galore for everyone there
Aisle after aisle of smile after smile
The Fair! It’s all very Fair!

A huge crowd is gathered for magic and tricks
Some march on, they don’t stop to stare
Drawn like a drone to the auctioneer’s pitch
The Fair! Step up! Step up it’s the Fair!

Corndogs and pop, not so healthy? So what!
Gobble up! You’re excused when you’re there!
Popcorn and candy? It’s all fine and dandy!
The Fair! There’s nothing more Fair!

For all the big spenders, all kinds of vendors
With all sorts of assortments and wares
Bracelets and rings, what splendor! What things!
The Fair! So wondrous, so Fair!

Tractors and tents, music events
Public address systems blare
“Ladies and Gentlemen! May I di-rect your Attention!”
The Fair! It’s loud at the Fair!

Buzzers and bells for the guys and their gals
Every time someone wins a stuffed bear
Some Fair-goers … Exhibits all by themselves
The Fair! So curious, so Fair!

The cows and the clowns, the sights and the sounds
But suddenly … Suddenly a thought comes to bear
I need to sit down, we’ve been here for hours
And our car … It’s so far… It’s not fair….
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