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Twenty hours on a Greyhound bus can turn a life around.

C      F                C          G          C    F    GG  C
Maria watched the sun rise over the city
C        F          C7                Dm  C  E  Am
A haze blurring early light of dawn
Dm                  Am
Trash under her feet
Dm        E      Am
Lined the filthy street
G      F                      C    C   
    Beneath a sentinel tower

Mama always said that Daddy was good for nothing
Always looking to start up a fight
Cruel and unkind
So she left him behind
Beneath a shady palm tree

G                    F                                            C
    One hundred times, she thought her life was over
    But she started over the day a Greyhound took her away (C, F, GG, C)

Mama died before Joe proved good for nothing
Maria had come to her same sad fate
She left the city behind
It crossed her mind
That he might be awake by now

Chorus: One hundred times...

VERSE 4 (quiet - back off rhythm & drums)
Twenty hours that Greyhound covered the miles
She turned her face to the setting sun
She'd left her home
And felt so alone
But breathing came easier now

Interlude: Dm, F, C, G, Dm, F, C....
Chorus: One hundred times... (C...)
Chorus: One hundred times... (C...)

      F                                  C      (last time: C, F, GG, C)
Tag: a Greyhound took her away...

Here's a rough recording of the song:

Yes, the interlude is in a different place in the recording. I like this written version better and will fix the order when I record a higher-quality video. Thanks for listening. *Smile*
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