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A slightly more somber sequel to the first, entirely dialogue of musings.
I might make this into a little series - they're so fun to write with the hapless Mammon and the angry Gabriel, ready to hurl harp and halo (that's just an expression of course, she thinks such things are stupid. Really, do you even know how much PAPERWORK she has to do, TOO MUCH to be sitting around with a stupid halo. Her quote, not mine :) View the first interaction here ----->
 Conversation In The Ether  (13+)
A discussion between an Angel and a Daemon, pure dialogue inspired from The Dialogue 500
#1466956 by Little Cricket

"A century on Earth, Mammon! A CENTURY!"

"Oh, it's not that bad."

"Shut up! This is your fault!"

"Ow! Hey, you didn't have to throw your halo at me!"

"It's not a halo! It's a plastic piece of crap!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down."

"Let me go! I hate you!"

"Hey. What did you expect, really? I'm a daemon of chaos - it's my job."


"Well, you have your jobs in the hierarcy. We do too, you know. SHE made us without free will, do you think we change so much just because we're fallen?"

"Well, you DO look different..."

"Just color coding. Look, my wings are as white as yours, aren't they?"

"I guess..."

"I mean it when I say it's my job. I create as much conflict as possible, whenever I can."

"But why?"

"Because it's not boring. Number One killer of old people is retirement. Life DIES when it's boring. If I throw some kinks into the process - such as death, destruction, and general annoyance - then everything thrives. Doesn't it?"


"What makes you think the whole war was unplanned? Don't you think SHE would have stopped it long before it ever happened? In fact - why didn't she stop the fact that it was even ABLE to happen? This whole evil and good, heaven and hell thing is like one big wheel of the universe, creating enough conflict for life to thrive as designed."

"So, what - you're a bringer of LIFE?"

"No. More like, I poke the bear from time to time, to make sure he's still breathing."

"....You know what, Mammon?"


"You make sense sometimes. It's scary."

"Why, shucks, ma'am. Thank ye, kindly."

"You're also an ass."
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