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Two poems in one entry.

I can see lightning appearing on the sky
The clouds of white have turned black
And overcome the glistning sun.

I could not change the way I am like
The sun in the sky,
The rain drops in the sea
And the burden over me.

May it rain heavily like
My feelings overflowing.
I cant do anything
But cry like the
Falling raindrops on my skin.

I have nowhere to run
Nowhere to shelter
Nowhere to be safe from
The strong drops of rain

I always run and hide
From the frustrated fears
Inside of me
But there is still the light
From the overcomed
Sun that is in me.

Whatever burden or storm
Passes the path that I chose
I will fight and never change
Because even
In the eye of the storm I am still me.

Made: August 26, 2003


I'm afraid
I dont know why
I just told the truth
That would set me free.

I feel afraid
I feel so scared
On what wil happen on my future.

Will I be dead?
Will I be judged?
Will I be loved?
Will I be hated? or
Will I be free for I told the truth?

I should've closed my mouth
And never foretell the truth
For I know it wont set me free
I should say "that's not me"
If I would be questioned.

Thats not me!
Thats not me!
Thats what I always think to stop
This beating of mine.
For I want to run
And forget all the things happpened

Made: October 6, 2003
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