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Famine is a word that's never seen - it’s just heard...
Remind Yourselves, Their Sorrow…

Famine is a word
That's never seen - it’s just heard,
Through the media we try to understand
Just how it came about;
The intenseness of the drought,
With hunger far too serious to withstand.

Several countries offer hope
For the starving so they’ll cope
With the dying and the death that’s still to come.
But the help just takes too long,
And they die – the ones not strong,
(They would live if they could only find a crumb)...

But here we do not feel
All their pain so very real,
Yes – we hurt for them when seen on nightly news;
Then favorite shows come on,
Our remembrance of them gone
As we laugh at all the programs that we choose.

These people need our aide!
So let’s call for a crusade –
We can reach these souls while they still have a chance!
Our duty unto God
Stands without a grand façade…
It now time for us to instigate a stance.

Who dictates that a life
Has to be chocked full of strife?
Every person should be satisfied, somehow…
We’ve got one life to live!
Let’s not slip down through the sieve
Of complacency – it’s this we can’t allow!

Please stop and take some time
To send some money – write a rhyme!
You can tell the world how much you really care…
We can stop their pain;
We know how – it’s so insane!
We can show them human kindness is not rare.

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