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Where do you think we go when we die?
Autumn's Supreme Question...

When the change of fall
Strikes the oak tree so tall,
My mind starts beginning to wonder;
Of Supreme Godly things,
And of sights yet unseen –
What’s in store for us all way down under.

There’re many who’ve crossed
And some may have been lost,
But no soul has returned yet to tell
Of what lies in store
For the rich and the poor. 
Is it heaven?  Or could it be hell?

To have a belief
Should be quite a relief
For many who don’t ask the question;
But to really not know
From here where you go
Is purely a thought for suggestion…

There are too many flaws
Within religious laws
I can’t find a logical answer;
All the things that could be
Are so endless to me
That they grow in my mind like a cancer…

I’ll just have to wait
To find out my own fate,
Who knows what God’s will is for me…
There is one thing I’ll buy –
When it’s my time to die –
My soul will have freedom to see…
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